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Press Release

Herausgeber: Bachmann Monitoring GmbH

Bachmann Monitoring Further Extends Condition Monitoring for Offshore Wind Turbines in the North Sea

- Wind farms Global Tech I and Trianel Borkum are fitted with CMS from Bachmann

Rudolstadt (renewablepress) - Bachmann Monitoring GmbH (BAM) from Rudolstadt/Jena is monitoring 22 percent of new power installed in 2015 in all offshore wind turbine generators (WTGs) in the North Sea and the Baltic with its condition monitoring systems (CMS). This makes Bachmann Monitoring one of the top offshore CMS suppliers. Monitoring is important, particularly with difficult to reach offshore plants out at sea: CMS enables faults to be detected early on and maintenance work to be planned in time.

In all, a total of 546 wind turbines out at sea were connected to the grid, as many as never before. At the end of 2014, there were only wind turbines 246 in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Today 792 offshore plants deliver 3294 MW of power and generate more than eight terawatt hours of electricity. This is the equivalent power consumption of over two million households. The significance of wind turbines as energy suppliers is enormous and failsafe performance is becoming increasingly important. “We are monitoring 22 percent of the new offshore wind turbines installed since 2015 in Germany,” stresses Holger Fritsch, CEO of BAM. “And we are planning the fitting of further products for 2016. This includes, for example, the extension of the conventional power train CMS and structure monitoring,” adds Ulrich Oertel, head of the Monitoring Technologies Development department at Bachmann.

Best practice: Global Tech I offshore wind farm
The Global Tech I offshore wind farm is 140 kilometers off the Lower-Saxony North Sea coast. With 400 megawatts of power, it is one of the largest German wind farms and is designed to provide 445,000 households with electricity. In order to ensure smooth operation and reliable electricity production of the wind farm, Bachmann Monitoring GmbH has equipped all 80 turbines of Global Tech I with condition monitoring systems for the extensive control of the power train. The 40 turbines in the first expansion stage of the Trianel wind farm Borkum, around 45 kilometers north of the island of Borkum, are also fitted with CMS from Bachmann.

Minimizing downtimes
Condition monitoring is based on a continuous or regular recording of the machine state. The system settings measure and analyze meaningful physical variables, such as vibration. A condition monitoring system integrated in the automation system provides all the information required to detect the risk of failures and to plan maintenance work on schedule. In this way, the costs for spare parts and maintenance can be kept to a minimum and downtimes can be significantly reduced, whilst material and logistics costs also decrease.
“Offshore wind turbines are often difficult to reach or access to them is only limited. In which case, maintenance and repair must be planned effectively,” Fritsch explains. “It is therefore only logical to fit such important offshore wind farms like Global Tech I and Trianel Borkum with CMS in order to prevent expensive downtimes and additional maintenance costs. We are very proud of taking on this responsibility.”

Close to the customer
Bachmann Monitoring has its own CMS center of competence in Rudolstadt, Thuringia, which is available to customers. CEO Holger Fritsch also travels as a specialist speaker: \"Integration of structural health monitoring for offshore wind turbines in web-based control center software,\" is the subject of his next lecture, which will be held on June 9 at the \"VDI Forum\" in Berlin (www.vdi-wissensforum.de).

Bachmann Monitoring GmbH develops and sells online measuring systems and system solutions for the permanent worldwide condition based maintenance of decentralized plants such as wind turbines and ships. In an extensive service concept, the vendor and type independent condition monitoring systems considerably increase the investment security of wind turbines. Bachmann Monitoring GmbH currently monitors over 4500 wind turbines worldwide. The portfolio currently serves 23 different wind turbine manufacturers with 54 turbine types from 600 kW to 6 MW. The specialist monitoring company located at the Jena/Rudolstadt technology for 16 years has been a subsidiary of Bachmann electronic GmbH in Feldkirch, Austria, since 2010. The remote centers in Asia and in the USA currently under development are also provided with technical support from the Rudolstadt site.

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Bachmann Monitoring GmbH monitors condition monitoring systems in
around 22% of the power of all newly installed wind turbines (WTGs) in Germany. “Offshore wind turbines are often difficult to reach or access to them is only limited, in which case maintenance must be planned effectively, says Holger Fritsch, CEO of Bachmann Monitoring GmbH.

Press release and photo (copyright) available for download http://www.bachmann.info/en/company/press/press-releases/

Rudolstadt, March 29, 2016

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About Bachmann Monitoring GmbH

Bachmann Monitoring GmbH develops, produces and markets innovative measurement systems and systematic solutions for the permanent condition based maintenance of wind turbines. This comprehensive service concept using manufacturer integrated or stand-alone condition monitoring systems substantially increases the reliability and profitability of the wind turbine.

The main area of business for Bachmann Monitoring GmbH is the measurement and online analysis of vibrations enabling the reliable monitoring of the majority of the drive-train components of onshore and offshore wind turbines. The remote condition monitoring via Weblog forms the basis of the efficient monitoring of decentralised plant equipment. The early recognition and localisation of possible weak points gives our customers the optimum availability of their plant equipment and increased long term profitability. The structure-borne sound based condition monitoring is complemented by diagnostic functions for imbalances, rotor blades and structural component monitoring. The range of services offered also includes the compiling of vibration reports.

Wind turbines with Bachmann control systems have the option of adding a comprehensive integrated “Omega Guard” condition monitoring system, which is also certified by “Germanischer Lloyd”. This solution offers significant cost and technological advantages when compared to the conventional stand-alone CM systems.

More Information about Bachmann Monitoring GmbH