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Herausgeber: ENERTRAG SE

Consistently high standards: ENERTRAG Powersystem is again certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 and DIN EN ISO 9001

Das ENERTRAG Powersystem in Aktion: Diverse Kacheln für verschiedene Leistungen und Funktionen<br />
© Enertrag / Jewgeni Roppel
Das ENERTRAG Powersystem in Aktion: Diverse Kacheln für verschiedene Leistungen und Funktionen
© Enertrag / Jewgeni Roppel
Dauerthal (renewablepress) - In the bag: Recently, the products and services of ENERTRAG Powersystem have been recertified. This follows on from the initial certifications of 2017 and 2019. The ENERTRAG Powersystem is the platform for managing renewable energy plants.

"With the recertifications, the auditors certify that our standards meet the requirements in the areas of information security and quality management. In addition, we are constantly monitoring and improving our processes and thus information security and, last but not least, the quality of our services. Our customers can rely on this," explains Dr. Stefan Kuntsche, Information Security Officer at ENERTRAG.

An important building block in the establishment of higher IT infrastructure standards is the recent relocation of the ENERTRAG Powersystem. The software now operates on a more powerful server. What improvements are being achieved as a result? Kuntsche elaborates, "With the move, we have achieved that our infrastructure has become more modern, more secure and more intelligent. In addition, we have set an important course for future expansion." Was the move a requirement for recertification? No, but it is a clear sign that improvements are being driven for customers from within the ENERTRAG Powersystem team, even without mandatory standards.

About the Powersystem

The ENERTRAG Powersystem was developed for optimized operation and networking of renewable energy plants and is used in operations management for accurate billing and remote control down to the minute. Since there was no suitable solution on the market in 1999, ENERTRAG developed it in-house. Since then, the software has been continuously adapted and improved to meet changing conditions and and requirements. The goal of lean and transparent processes is achieved, among other things, through a high degree of automation. Meanwhile, a team of 42 IT specialists optimizes the ENERTRAG Powersystem on a monthly basis according to current legal and market requirements.


ENERTRAG provides all services related to renewable energies. We efficiently combine electricity, heat and mobility in all areas of life. As an energy producer with an annual production of 1.68 million MWh in its portfolio and a service network for over 1,125 wind turbines, we also know from our own experience what is important for our customers. With over two decades of experience in Europe, our 800 employees combine all the competencies required for successful operation and efficient maintenance, as well as for citizen-oriented planning but also for citizen-oriented planning and reliable construction of energy plants and grids up to complete interconnected power plants.

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© Enertrag / Jewgeni Roppel

Dauerthal, 17 June 2022

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ENERTRAG erbringt alle Dienstleistungen rund um erneuerbare Energien. Wir führen Strom, Wärme und Mobilität in allen Lebensbereichen effizient zusammen. Als Energieerzeuger mit einer Jahresproduktion von 1,5 Mio MWh im Bestand und einem Servicenetzwerk mit über 1120 Windenergieanlagen wissen wir dabei auch aus eigener Erfahrung, was für unseren Kunden wichtig ist. Mit über zwei Jahrzehnten Erfahrung in Europa vereinen unsere 540 Mitarbeiter alle Kompetenzen, die für erfolgreichen Betrieb und effiziente Instandhaltung, aber auch für eine bürgernahe Planung und zuverlässigen Bau von Energieanlagen und Netzen bis hin zu kompletten Verbundkraftwerken erforderlich sind. Wir sind immer eine Energie voraus – sei es bei Sektorkopplung, Beteiligungsmodellen oder bedarfsgerechter Nachtkennzeichung.

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