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SUNfarming secures EUR 10 million in fresh money for Poland

SUNfarming receives further funds for Poland<br />
© Capcora
SUNfarming receives further funds for Poland
© Capcora
Frankfurt am Main (renewablepress) - The SUNfarming Group from Erkner has increased its existing revolving credit line from EUR 25 million to EUR 35 million. The additional liquidity of EUR 10 million will initially be used for bridge financing of Polish PV projects with approx. 17 MW. The consulting firm Capcora accompanied the process as financial advisor.

SUNfarming was able to secure the revolving bridge financing line with a term until September 2022 at the end of 2019 with support of Capcora. It was provided by a European private debt fund. The credit line has already been increased twice in succession. In addition, the financing and project criteria were made more flexible. Thus, CfD projects in Poland with a capacity of up to 1 MWp as well as German EEG projects below 750 kWp in the construction phase and to a certain extent projects in development can be financed with the line.

To date, a project volume of more than 70 MW has already been bridge financed. The instrument can be used on a revolving basis, i.e. projects can leave the collateral pool after refinancing by a bank and be replaced by new assets.

"We are pleased that our partner is once again placing its trust in us and supporting our growth ambitions with additional capital. The Polish market continues to offer great potential and we are ideally positioned to take our portfolio to the next level," explains Martin Tauschke, managing director and co-partner of SUNfarming Group.

About SUNfarming

Since its incorporation in 2004, SUNfarming GmbH has covered the entire project development and EPC value chain (engineering, procurement, construction) – from planning and development, through financing and construction, to monitoring and servicing of solar parks and associated concepts such as agro-photovoltaic and e-mobility. The company has a long-standing customer base of capital investors, local authorities, users of commercial and private in-house electricity generation systems, as well as sister companies within the group of companies which invest in solar plants. The international team of experienced commercial staff, engineers and technicians has successfully installed a capacity of more than 650 MWp. In addition, SUNfarming assumes the technical operation and some of the commercial services for over 350 MWp for other companies in Germany and abroad.


About Capcora

Capcora is a consulting firm, specialized on real assets. Capcora procures equity, mezzanine and debt financing for energy and infrastructure projects, real estate, and medium sized companies. The focus is especially on mezzanine financing for the recapitalization of tied-up liquidity in operating assets as well as for bridge financing of developments and construction measures in the area of renewable energies (photovoltaics, onshore wind) and real estate through alternative financing sources.


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Caption: SUNfarming receives further funds for Poland
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Frankfurt am Main, 22 December 2020

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