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Press Release

Herausgeber: ABO Wind AG

Internationalisation ensures success

- In 2019, the ABO Wind group has earned more than EUR ten million for the fourth time in a row

- Company grows despite lack of approvals in Germany

- Portfolio of projects in development has increased to twelve gigawatts

Wiesbaden (renewablepress) - ABO Wind looks back on a successful financial year 2019. According to the annual report published today, the company earned a net profit of EUR 11.4 million. This is the fourth time in a row that the result exceeds the ten million euro mark. The annual report 2019 is available for download on the company's website (https://www.abo-wind.com/en/the-company/about-abo-wind/annual-reports.html).

In Germany, France, Ireland, Greece and Hungary, the company has installed wind or solar farms with a total capacity of 88 megawatts in 2019. In addition to the sale of turnkey renewable energy plants, the sale of project rights in the development phase also contributed to the company's success. In 2019, such sales with a volume of 870 megawatts were realised in Spain and Finland. The majority of the expected income from these sales will be received as development and construction progresses in the coming months and years.

Contribution of German business has decreased

The 2019 sales revenues of EUR 126 million reported in the balance sheet were generated in ten countries – the highest number in the company’s 24-year history. The percentage of business in Germany has further decreased to around 42 percent.

"Germany remains our most important market," says Chairman of the Managing Board Andreas Höllinger. "But growth in recent years has been on an international level." Thus, it was possible to reduce the previously high dependency on the German market. This strategy is paying off: Whereas in 2017, onshore wind farms with a capacity of around 5,000 megawatts were installed in Germany, this figure fell to 1,000 megawatts in 2019. This development has been fatal for the clean energy transition in Germany, and it has forced turbine manufacturers to lay off workers on a grand scale. Nevertheless, ABO Wind was able to compensate the downturn in Germany. Thus, the number of employees has continued to grow despite the lack of approvals. The ABO Wind group currently employs 642 employees, one hundred more than in the previous year. 446 of them work at the nine German office locations – the majority at the Wiesbaden headquarters and in Heidesheim near Mainz. "Most of our colleagues in Germany are working on wind and solar projects in all 16 countries we operate in," explains Höllinger. Employees in the respective countries are mainly in charge of project development. Among other things, they conclude lease agreements with landowners, commission impact assessments, and submit documents to the approval authorities. Central services such as grid connection, financing, yield calculation or the purchase of the turbines are mainly provided from Germany to the projects worldwide.

Delays due to the pandemic

Although in recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to secure new sites for the development of wind and solar projects in many countries, ABO Wind has succeeded in further increasing the volume of wind and solar farms under development from mid-2019 to the present day. ABO Wind is now working on projects with a total rated output of around twelve gigawatts. In terms of the planned megawatt output of the projects, around one third of the development portfolio is located in Argentina, Colombia, Tanzania and South Africa. In terms of the development costs capitalised in the balance sheet, these countries have less weight, totalling around five percent. In the past, ABO Wind has already proven in Argentina, for example, that it is possible to successfully develop renewable energy projects even in comparatively unstable markets.

About ABO Wind:

Founded in 1996, the company initiates wind and solar energy projects, acquires site locations, organises all technical and business planning, arranges international bank financing and delivers turnkey wind farms and solar parks. To date, ABO Wind has sold wind and solar farms with a total capacity of more than 3000 megawatts.

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Caption: In 2019, ABO Wind installed the company's largest photovoltaic system to date with a capacity of 7 megawatts in Kossos (north-eastern Greece). A second, even larger Greek solar energy project is currently under construction. Megala Kalyvia solar farm (38 megawatts) will be connected to the grid in the coming weeks.
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Wiesbaden, 09 June 2020

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About ABO Wind AG

ABO Wind is a globally successful project developer for renewable energies with more than 600 employees. Since 1996, the company has connected around 700 wind energy, solar and biogas plants with an output of 1,500 megawatts to the grid.

We are currently working on the development of new projects with a total capacity of ten gigawatts. These projects are located in 16 countries on four continents and exceed the capacity of four average nuclear power plants. Two thirds of the projects under development are wind projects and one third are solar projects.

ABO Wind has more than doubled the number of projects under development from the end of 2017 until today. The assessment must take into account that more than five gigawatts are under development in South Africa and Argentina alone. It is comparatively easy to secure large projects there.

Project development in Iran was discontinued at the beginning of 2019.

The ABO Wind experts provide assessments, handle the approval process and financing, and take care of grid connection and construction. ABO Wind takes on all steps of project development from site acquisition to construction. We purchase projects at all stages of development and bring them to a successful conclusion.

We provide long-term technical and commercial operational management and maintenance, inspections, repairs, gearbox endoscopies or technical assessments.

We offer an open and honest approach to project development, backed up by an experienced team, many of whom have been working within the renewables industry from its early stages. At ABO Wind we see the whole picture and actively engage in public consultation prior to the submission of all of our projects.

Our bioenergy team provides operational management of biogas plants, develops new biogas plants or purchases and improves existing ones, and offers bioenergy services.

In order to contribute to a successful and comprehensive energy transition, our own department for future energy develops new concepts for a clean mobility, energy storage, and hybrid
energy solutions.

Our division of heat supply provides efficient heating and electricity from cogeneration plants or photovoltaics to large real properties.

More Information about ABO Wind AG

Press Contact

Alexander Koffka

Alexander Koffka
E-Mail: alexander.koffka@abo-wind.de
Phone: 0049 (0)611-26 765 515