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4th Hybrid Power Systems Workshop in Crete: International exchange of hands-on experience on Isolated Power Systems, Micro-Grids and Hybrid Power Systems

Several case studies from Greek Islands: Islands as major factor for reaching Greek renewable energy goals

Darmstadt (renewablepress) - In the past years, Greece nearly doubled its share from renewable energy sources and thus is expected to reach their initial 18% goal set for 2020 (Eurostat, 2019). In line with this development, the Greek Islands play an essential role in the efforts of the Government to reach the new EU renewable energy goals for 2030.

With notable projects e.g. on Kythnos for solar, wind and micro-grids and on Tilos for wind, solar with storage, Greece has long been on the forefront of RE grid integration in Europe. The recently concluded Smart Island Project, for instance, aimed to increase RE penetration while ensuring proper operation and management of two non-interconnected islands’ electrical systems. The Greek Islands thus provide valuable experience for the transfer of innovative technologies in other non-interconnected systems as well as larger interconnected systems.

In the very specialized field of hybrid and isolated power systems, it is crucial to exchange these experiences on an international level to mutually benefit from the world-wide lessons learned

The 4th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop from 22 – 23 May in Crete offers 120+ specialists the opportunity to learn more about Greek and international projects as well as up-to-date research in their field. The conference offers 80+ presentations in 20 sessions in which the experts share their practical experiences, results, solutions and lesson learned from concluded and on-going projects, e.g. in Indonesia, the Canary Islands, the Azores, the Faeroe Islands, Jamaica and many more.

The opening session will focus on grid integration of renewables in Greece. A dedicated session on project experiences in Greece will provide deep insights into the power systems of the Greek islands with a focus on the workshop host island Crete and case studies from Samos and Tilos.

More information is available at http://hybridpowersystems.org

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129 participants from 30 countries at the Hybrid Power Systems Workshop 2018
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