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Herausgeber: Nordex SE

Nordex Group: Preliminary figures for 2018 confirm guidance

- Consolidated sales of EUR 2.46 billion reached

- EBITDA margin of 4.1 percent

- Working capital ratio improves significantly year-on-year from 5.3 percent to minus 3.8 percent

- Order intake in 2018 increased by 73 percent to 4.75 GW

Hamburg (renewablepress) - The Nordex Group (ISIN: DE000A0D6554) today presented preliminary figures for financial year 2018. According to these figures, the company generated consolidated sales of EUR 2.46 billion (previous year: EUR 3.08 billion), which is within the guidance corridor of EUR 2.4 to 2.6 billion. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) amounted to EUR 101.7 million (previous year: EUR 200.7 million). This represents an EBITDA margin of 4.1 percent (previous year: 6.5 percent), which is also within the expected range of four to five percent.

The company significantly improved its working capital ratio as a percentage of consolidated sales from 5.3 percent in the previous year to minus 3.8 percent, thus delivering on its guidance of coming in under 5 percent. This improvement was due to the continued successful implementation of the working capital program and the high order intake. In the reporting year, the Nordex Group invested EUR 112.9 million (previous year: EUR 144.3 million), thus meeting its guidance of around EUR 110 million.

In 2018, the Nordex Group lifted its order intake by 73 percent from 2.74 GW to 4.75 GW. Underscoring the company’s global positioning, these orders are distributed across Europe (45.1 percent), North America (15.2 percent), Latin America (25.0 percent) and the rest of the world (14.7 percent).

The orders for the new turbine models N149/4.0-4.5 in Sweden (475 MW “Nysäter” project) and AW140 in India (300 MW “Mulanur” project) are especially noteworthy in this context.

"The year 2018 has shown that the measures initiated by us have been effective. Our new high-efficiency turbines have met with positive feedback from customers, and we continue to see strong demand. We started 2019 with a promising order book and have a solid financial structure, not least thanks to our successful working capital management," said José Luis Blanco, CEO of the Nordex Group, summarizing the situation.

The Nordex Group will present its audited figures for financial year 2018 including its guidance for 2019 on 26 March 2019.

About the Nordex Group

The Group has installed more than 25 GW of wind power capacity in over 40 markets and generated sales of around EUR 2.5 billion in 2018. The company currently has more than 5,500 employees. The Group’s manufacturing network includes factories in Germany, Spain, Brazil, the USA, India, with plants in Argentina and Mexico to be added soon. The product portfolio is focused on onshore turbines in the 1.5 to 4.8 MW class which are designed to meet the market requirements of countries with limited available space and regions with limited grid capacity.

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Hamburg, 21 February 2019

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About Nordex SE

The Nordex Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of wind turbines. The principal focus is on units with a high capacity - above all in the megawatt range: the strongest growth segment in the sector. Under the brand names Nordex, we offer powerful wind turbines for almost all geographic regions across the globe. Onshore and offshore, for desert and permafrost areas. With the largest serial produced wind turbine family in the world (N80/2500 kW, N90/2500 kW, N100/2500 kW and N117/2400 kW) and the powerful megawatt turbines N77/1500 kW and N82/1500 kW, Nordex is able to offer high-efficiency wind turbines for onshore use. The Nordex N150/6000 kW Offshore rounds off our megawatt product family with a machine especially designed for offshore use.
Today more than 4,500 Nordex wind turbines with a total rated output of more than 6,500 megawatts are already rotating in 30 countries of the world. We are represented with offices and subsidiaries in 19 countries.

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