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Press Release

Herausgeber: Övermöhle Consult & Marketing GmbH

Current market study on wind energy: German market threatens to collapse even more dramatically

Hamburg - With its "Concise Analysis of the Wind Energy Market in Germany 2018" , the Hamburg-based consulting firm Övermöhle Consult & Marketing (ÖCM) has published its latest projections for the development of the wind energy market.

"Following last year's record expansion in the wind energy sector, the construction of new wind turbines will decrease considerably this year. According to the concrete plans of the surveyed wind power project planners, new onshore systems generating around 4,000 megawatts (minus 25 percent) will be built," explains ÖCM Managing Director Klaus Övermöhle. This negative trend will continue in 2019. If the German government does not immediately follow up its announcements with tangible legislative initiatives by increasing the number of expansion corridors, the outlook will deteriorate even further. ÖCM expects that new offshore installations delivering a total of approximately 2,400 MW will have been constructed by the end of 2020. "Despite the fact that the costs of producing electricity from wind power fell in part to less than 3 euro cents per kilowatt hour on account of the steep fall in the price of wind turbines, the world-wide expansion rates will stagnate this year at a high level with 53,000 MW," forecasts Övermöhle. At many locations where favourable wind conditions prevail, wind energy is meanwhile competitive world-wide in comparison to newly constructed or not yet depreciated conventional power plants, even in Germany.

To acquire more precise information on future developments in the wind energy sector, Övermöhle C&M has conducted a market survey among more than 50 German wind energy project planners. In addition to the potential in the German and global markets, the study also provides information on calls to tender, operational management and service aspects, repowering, developments in wind turbine technology, the current plans of wind energy project planners, and their expansion abroad.

The study (in German) covers 129 pages and can be ordered as a PDF file at www.oevermoehle-consult.de/studien/

Profile of Övermöhle Consult & Marketing
Övermöhle C&M has collected over 15 years of expertise in the wind energy sector. The company develops market strategies together with its SEM customers, and actively supports them in achieving their set goals more quickly. On account of its wealth of experience in providing consulting services, the company maintains personal contacts not only to most wind power project planners, but also to many manufacturers and suppliers, which are brought to bear at every available opportunity. Our regularly published studies, among them the "Concise Market Analysis For Wind Energy Project Planners in Germany", deliver realistic estimates and forecasts for future developments. Our many years of market experience and good networking in the wind industry put us in the position to accurately predict the results of invitations to tender. The company also advises domestic and foreign investors in their investment decisions. Together with its customers, Övermöhle C&M has to date successfully marketed 18 wind farms with 107 wind turbines (222.8 MW) and an investment volume of €315 million.

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Hamburg, 03. July 2018

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