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Herausgeber: FGW e.V. Fördergesellschaft Windenergie und andere Erneuerbare Energien

Public and bilingual consultation on the FGW regulations for proof of grid connection conformity in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/631 of 14 April 2016 (Requirements for Generators, RfG)

Berlin (renewablepress) - For the first time, a public consultation procedure will be conducted in German and English on drafts for Technical Guidelines FGW TR 3, TR 4 and TR 8. The procedure is designed to promote more international cooperation and transparency as an alternative to the reception of drafts through membership or meeting fees that has been practised to date.

The new European regulation on network codes, (EU) 2016/631 (NC RfG), and the new VDE-FNN application rules 4110, 4120 and 4130 require adjustment of Technical Guidelines TR 3, TR 4 and TR 8. In addition, the certification procedure in TR8 is, for the first time, set out in the main part, irrespective of the national structure of the network codes, and thus enables application throughout the entire reach of EU Regulation 2016/631. This means that, in addition to TR 8 annexes relating to 4110, 4120 and 4130, it is also possible to include network codes of other member states in additional annexes.

The three independent public consultations on the three guidelines will commence from 17 May 2018. The publication of TR 3 (Rev. 25) and TR 4 (Rev. 9) is scheduled for August 2018, with TR 8 (Rev. 9) scheduled for publication in December 2018.

Terms and conditions for participation in the public consultation, as well as the exact procedure, are available on the FGW website (www.wind-fgw.de).

Berlin, 2 May 2018

Publication and Reprint free of charge; please send a voucher copy to FGW e.V. Fördergesellschaft Windenergie und andere Dezentrale Energien.

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