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Younicos: Islands show how the energy transition works!

- The storage pioneer shares experiences and concepts at the Energy Storage Europe conference

Düsseldorf - According to Younicos co-founder Clemens Triebel islands which are successfully converting their power supply from diesel generators to renewable energies are the best role models for the German, as well as the global transition to renewable energy. “If we’re aiming for a high percentage of solar and wind energy, the expansion of renewables has to be matched with sufficient storage capacity from the start,” says Triebel. However, according to Triebel, the current German system is still discriminating against energy storage in favour of conventional power plants.

The Younicos Chief Visionary Officer will explain this thesis in greater depth in his keynote at Energy Storage Europe. Where he will share his experiences thus far and explain the company’s successful energy transition and large-scale storage concepts. The trade fair and conference, Energy Storage Europe is the world’s largest event of its kind and takes place in Düsseldorf from 15 to 17 March. For more information: http://www.energy-storage-online.de/

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According to Triebel the energy transition is being unnecessarily slowed down and made more expensive by clinging to an outdated way of thinking: “We still produce power according to a 19th century paradigm which holds that energy is best produced by large generators that rotate constantly. If we contiue to cling to this notion, the grid will continue to be taken up by coal, gas and nuclear energy blocking space for solar and wind energy more and more frequently.”

Germany’s current energy policy aim stipulates that 80 percent of electricity comnsumption be covered by renewable energies by 2050. This, according to Triebel, will not work without storage. He calls on energy policymakers to take the goals they set themselves seriously and get the energy system into a state , in which it is ableto handle large amounts of renewable energy in the future. “The necessary storage capacities will not just appear overnight. We have to start developing them today. Parallel to this, we have to drive the development of new storage technologies forward in order to be equipped for the huge amounts of renewable energy that will be generated in future.”

Triebel thinks the market and and innovative business models are best suited to push the development of storage systems forward: “As soon as the flexibility of storage systems is remunerated in line with the market, the necesssary capacity will develop automatically” For example, companies could be rewarded for reducing their peak load using a storage system and therefore relieving the overall load on the grid. “We are right at the start of an exciting development here.”

Direct link to registration http://tinyurl.com/ESE-registration

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About the trade fair as well as the ESE and IRES conferences
Energy Storage Europe 2016 is the trade fair with the world’s largest conference programme on energy storage. The conference consists of the 5th Energy Storage Conference (ESE) and the 10th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2016). The focuses are economy and finance (ESE) as well as science and social policy (IRES). The 5th OTTI-Conference Power-to-Gas and 9th Storage Day side events are taking place at the same time at the exhibition centre in Düsseldorf. From 15 to 17 March 2016, a total of approximately 125 exhibitors and 3,000 participants from more than 45 countries are expected.

Düsseldorf, 28 January 2016

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