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Press Release

Herausgeber: juwi AG

juwi and Kaltemp Construct Chile

- First cooperation between German project developer juwi and Chilean engineering expert Kaltemp
- Third solar project for juwi in Chile

Santiago de Chile / Wörrstadt - The sunny Región de Coquimbo in northern Chile is becoming an electricity producer. On unused land close to the City of Vicuña, German renewable energy specialist juwi and Chilean engineering company Kaltemp construct Chile’s largest solar power plant. The system has a total capacity of more than 1,200 kilowatts and is going to produce clean solar power by mid-2012.

The solar plant has a size of less than two hectares and consists of about 5,000 polycrystalline modules. It produces enough power to supply a modern irrigation system in a nearby clementine and avocado plantation. In mid-2012 Kaltemp is going to become the owner of Chile’s largest solar power plant. With the solar plant, Kaltemp sets new standards in the South American country.

Chile is an important market for the juwi group. In autumn 2010 juwi Energías Renovables de Chile Limitada opened an office in the Chilean capital Santiago. \"Chile has enormous potential for the use of solar energy\", says Diego Lobo-Guerrero Rodríguez, juwi project coordinator for Latin America. Northern Chile belongs to the region with the highest solar radiation in the world. \"Besides the intense solar radiation, Chile has also outstanding wind conditions. Furthermore, Chile is politically stable and very open to renewables.\"

In the solar sector, juwi has already been involved as a project developer in two research projects in the Atacama desert. Last year, the specialist for renewable energies has successfully installed two solar power plants with a total capacity of six kilowatt each, one in the coastal city of Antofagasta, the other one in the City San Pedro de Atacama. The plants use polycrystalline as well as thin-film modules and were constructed in cooperation with the Centre for the Development of Energy based at the University of Antofagasta.

The juwi group
juwi is one of the world’s leading specialists for renewable energies with a strong regional presence. Our goal: 100 per cent renewable energies. Our impetus: Work together to implement renewable energies economically and reliably and with passion. From site selection to planning, construction and financing up to management – juwi is the competent partner for the energy transition with a regional focus.
Besides solar, wind and bio energy, company activities include hydropower and geothermal energy as well as Green Buildings and E-mobility. juwi was founded in 1996 by Matthias Willenbacher and Fred Jung in Rhineland-Palatinate. Today, the company employs more than 1,700 people in 15 countries and had an annual turnover of more than a billion Euro in 2011.
The juwi group has offices in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, India, Singapore, South Africa, Chile, the USA and Costa Rica. In Germany, juwi has subsidiaries and regional offices in twelve German states. juwi has already constructed two solar power plants in Chile – one in the dessert and the other one at the University of Antofagasta.

About Keltamp
Since 35 years, Kaltemp is active on the Chilean market, projecting, installing and maintaining systems for the production of warm water as well as for climate control units in private houses and business offices. Furthermore, the company is experienced in the area of solar energy and energy efficiency. Customers include a housing company in Santiago de Chile.

Santiago de Chile / Wörrstadt, March 22, 2012

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Attention editorial offices: For further questions please contact

Félix Brito • Head of Office Administration
juwi Energías Renovables de Chile Ltda.
Av. Vitacura 2808, Oficina 801
Las Condes, Santiago de Chile
e-mail: info@juwi.cl
Tel. +56. 2 912 3700

Gustavo Boetsch • General Manager
Américo Vespucio Norte 2506
Vitacura, Santiago de Chile
e-mail: guboetsch@kaltemp.cl
Tel. +56. 2 862 1700


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About juwi AG

juwi is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of renewable energy with a strong regional presence. The company offers project development and EPC services as well as products and solutions for the energy turnaround. Company activities are mainly projects with solar and wind.

The juwi group was established in 1996 in Rhineland-Palatinate. Since the end of 2014, Mannheim based utility MVV Energie AG has been co-owner and partner of the juwi-group. juwi has about 1,000 employees worldwide, branches on all continents and is actively engaged in various projects all over the globe. Working together with passion to implement renewable energy economically and reliably is what drives us.

So far, juwi has realized around 840 wind turbines with a total capacity of approx. 1,800 megawatts at more than 100 sites. In the solar segment, more than 1,500 projects with a total capacity of around 1,400 megawatts have been designed and constructed. Combined, these energy systems produce around six billion kilowatt hours of clean energy per year, equalling the annual demand of around 1.5 million German households. Within the past 18 years, juwi has initiated an investment volume of around six billion euros to realize these projects.

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Press Contact

Felix Wächter

Felix Wächter
juwi AG
E-Mail: waechter@juwi.de
Phone: +49 (0)6732 9657-1244