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Press Release

Herausgeber: Fini GmbH

Geothermal energy in Italy and western Turkey on its own would replace all the installed nuclear power plants in the EU

Innsbruck - Central and southern Italy, together with western Turkey (bordering the Mediterranean Sea), could replace all the nuclear power plants installed in the EU with geothermal power plants.

Fini PLC has 4 geothermal fields for a total of 240 MW nominal output. There is the option to set up new fields with a capacity of several 10,000 MW.

Annual production in MWs in Italy and Turkey can be specified as 7 million kilowatt hours per annum. In Italy, this corresponds to three times its wind energy and four times the energy produced by its photovoltaic plants, always obtained per MW nominal output. Turnkey total costs with project rights amount to about €70 million (€3.5 million per MW) for a 20 MW plant.

Innsbruck, March 21, 2011

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