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Herausgeber: Nordex AG

Demand for Nordex from China is still growing - Winners in the tender for 71 megawatt turbines / order worth EUR 73 million

Hamburg - Nordex has again proved successful in tenders for wind parks in China. The company will be supplying 38 N60/1300 kW turbines for the Zhangwu Julonghu project (49.4 MW) and 33 machines from the S77/1500 kW series for the Ximeng Abaga Jingneng project (49.5 MW). Both sites are situated in the northeast of the People’s Republic, in the province of Liaoning respectively in Inner Mongolia. Here mean wind conditions of around 7 m/s and low average temperatures prevail, which is why Nordex is supplying the “Cold Climate” version of its machines.

The customers and operators of the park are in each case local power utilities - the Liaoning Energy Investment Group and in the second case the Beijing Energy Investment Holding, which already operates wind parks with an output of approx. 150 MW. For Nordex the orders are worth a total of EUR 73 million. These orders cover the supply of the machines and rotors, plus the subsequent installation of the turbines. These are due to go on grid in July 2008 and February 2009, respectively.

“These orders prove yet again that the investments made in our Chinese factories were worthwhile and have further consolidated our position in the country. On this basis we intend to further extend our structures in China in the coming years”, says Thomas Richterich, Nordex AG CEO.

Hamburg, 20. September 2007

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