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Herausgeber: REpower Systems AG


Hamburg, 1 February 2006. REpower Systems AG (SCN 617703/ISIN DEDE0006177033) was the market leader on the growing French wind energy market for 2005 referring to the turbines connected to the grid last year, according to a survey of MAKE Consulting ApS*. Thus, REpower achieved a market share of 40 percent based on the turbines connected to the grid in 2005. In terms of France's total installed output, the company is also the market leader at 19.5 percent according to the same survey, closely followed by some other manufacturers. Hence, REpower has succeeded in assuming a leading position on one of its key markets outside Germany.

REpower Systems AG operates in France via its wholly-owned subsidiary REpower S.A.S., which also serves the Belgian market. Last year, REpower S.A.S. installed a total of 69 turbines in France and Belgium with a total output of 129 megawatts.

Wind parks with multi-megawatt REpower turbines have now spread across the country: Aumelas in the south, Longue Epine, Fonds de Fresne (north), Gueltas-Noyel Pontivy (west) and Le Haut des Ailes (east). REpower's key area in France is still the Champagne region. The decentralised placement of service stations is also a strategic advantage in France. The Company's leading customers include among others EdF Energies Nouvelles, Erelia and Maia Sonnier.

"We can be proud of what REpower has achieved in France in 2005," said Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, Chief Executive Officer of REpower Systems AG. "We have advanced to market leadership in a highly competitive key market. We are still planning to keep on growing though. Thanks to our major French shareholder AREVA, we have also been even better positioned to do so since last year."

The number of REpower S.A.S. employees at its headquarters in Suresnes (Paris) as well as the sales offices and service stations increased to 34 over the course of 2005.

*Study on the French wind energy market in 2005 by MAKE Consulting ApS., a Danish independent market research company in the renewable energies area.

Further information on REpower S.A.S. and the individual projects in France can be found under www.repower.fr

About REpower:
REpower Systems AG is active in the wind power industry. The company's range of business services includes the system development, licensing, production and marketing of wind turbines. This is supplemented by a comprehensive after sales service. Because of its presence in the essential stages of the value creation chain, REpower has powerful overall competence in wind energy. With more than 580 employees, the company headquartered in Hamburg can rely on its experience in the production and installation of almost 1,300 wind turbines worldwide. The high-quality, technologically sophisticated turbines are designed in the development centre in Rendsburg and produced in the plants in Husum (North Frisia) and Trampe (Brandenburg). The internationally expanding company is represented through subsidiary companies and joint ventures in France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal and Spain as well as in Australia.


REpower Systems AG
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Investor Relations
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