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Press Release

Herausgeber: Nordex AG

Nordex obtains order for 30 MW wind power plant- Order volume EUR 34 mn / turnkey wind farm with 17 turbines under construction

Hamburg, January 3, 2006. Nordex AG is erecting the “Uelitz” wind farm near Schwerin for around EUR 34 mn. The wind farm will consist of a total of 17 turbines from the Nordex N90/2300 kW and Nordex S77/1500 kW series with hub heights of up to 100 metres. These machines, which are especially designed for inland operation, are to produce an energy yield of around 55,000 MWh per annum, allowing for safety margins, on the basis of wind studies conducted at the site. This is sufficient to cover the electricity requirements of about 15,000 households. The client is the Danish investor group Scan Energy, which operates numerous wind farms in Germany and the rest of Europe.

In addition to building the wind turbines, Nordex is also responsible for the electrical infrastructure of the farm, including the necessary extension of the transformer substation. The company was already involved in the development of the project and, together with partners, arranged for fulfillment of the legal conditions required to install the turbines. The first building permits were granted as early as 2003. As a result of a leading decision by the Federal Administrative Court, however, Nordex had to comply with a supplementary approval procedure relating to emission law, and this was successfully completed in the summer of 2005.

Work on the farm began at the beginning of September. “For us it is important that local firms are involved in this project and that the region profits from the construction”, explains Thomas Richterich, CEO of Nordex AG. The foundations come from nearby Sülte, the cables and towers from Schwerin, and the turbines and rotor blades from the Nordex factory in Rostock. When the farm starts operation, the municipalities and the land owners will reap long-term benefits from the wind power plant in the form of earnings from trade tax and leases. In addition to this, the farm will ensure capacity utilisation of the local Nordex service station in “Hohen Pritz” near Schwerin.

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