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Press Release

Herausgeber: Ecofys GmbH

Econcern boosts net profits to

Köln, 22nd June 2005, - Econcern, the holding company of Ecofys, Ecostream, Evelop and Ecoventures, has announced today that net profit grew to € 4.2 million in 2004, with a total turnover of € 35 million. These results show that the chosen business model of commercializing innovations and developing projects is paying off.

Highlights 2004

Ad van Wijk, CEO: “In 2004 Econcern celebrated her 20th anniversary. Since the start in 1984 we have grown fast, but our commitment to our mission ‘a sustainable energy supply for everyone’ is still strong. I’m proud of the fact that we keep generating ideas and concepts and turning them into concrete and tangible products and projects that contribute to a sustainable energy supply”. This drive is illustrated by some important achievements in 2004:

- Ecofys continued to build on its leading position in the European emission trading market. The company contributed to and evaluated several national allocation plans, conducted monitoring and emission strategy projects for several multinational companies and helped set-up a carbon credit fund in Germany.

- Ecostream established a good solar system client base among farmers in Germany, but could not profit to the fullest extent from the booming market because of a shortage in the solar module market.

- Evelop obtained all permits and started building the manure digestion and power production plant Groot-Zevert. The plant became operational in March 2005. The company expects to develop more of these types of plants in the coming years.

- Innogrow delivered the first commercial closed greenhouse in March 2004. After 9 months of operation, the closed greenhouse already showed production increase of 20%.

- Econcern reached an agreement to take over, together with Energy Investment Holding, all permits and other rights of the Dutch offshore wind farm Q7. This 120 MW wind farm will be one of the two first offshore wind farms to be built in The Netherlands.

Strategy 2005-2010
Last year also marked the development of a new Econcern strategy for the 2005-2010 period. Ad van Wijk: “The main drivers in the coming years will be reduction of greenhouse gases, energy price trends and security of supply. In view of these drivers we expect double digit growth rates in the international sustainable energy market.” Three cornerstones provide the basis of the Econcern strategy: 1) being the sustainable energy solution provider, 2) being innovative and market driven, and 3) being a European player. “Econcern wants to continue growing as a company dedicated to its mission, with a firm knowledge base and innovative power, and delivering real sustainable solutions to our clients in the European market”, Van Wijk concludes.


Econcern (http://www.econcern.com) is the holding company of Ecofys, Evelop, Ecostream and Ecoventures. Econcern delivers unique projects and innovative products and services for a sustainable energy supply. The Econcern group employs about 300 professionals in The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom Belgium, Spain, Poland and Italy.

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