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Herausgeber: METEORAGE S.A.S., RECASE Regenerative Energien GmbH

METEORAGE and RECASE Partner to Enhance Lightning Risk Prevention in Wind Energy with Advanced Solutions

© Xavier Delorme / METEORAGE
© Xavier Delorme / METEORAGE
Pau (France) and Busdorf (Germany) (renewablepress) - METEORAGE, a global specialist in thunderstorm & lightning detection and decision support services, has joined forces with RECASE, a German engineering company specialized in on- and offshore Wind-Energy-Technology, to reduce lightning-related risks.

METEORAGE and RECASE have signed an agreement to strengthen the use of solutions dedicated to Wind energy in Germany, ensuring that users benefit from cutting-edge technology built upon proven global expertise and the most accurate data available.

Spherical Events are one significant environmental risk facing the wind industry. This collaboration aims to provide German wind energy players with the ability to support all the stages in the life of a wind farm - from evaluation, construction, O&M through repowering - for proactive lightning risk management.

Mr. Marco Hansen, Vice President of Service Engineering at RECASE, highlights this collaboration's impact on their customers experience:
“From our experience, we know that WTGs are frequently struck by lightning and that the resulting damage or faults are not always recognized to be causes by such an event.
Furthermore, the lightning protection system can be impaired or pre-damaged by frequent lightning events; if this remains unrecognized, there is an increased risk of lightning-related damage to the WTG.
The use of METEORAGE data makes it easier to recognize the frequency and causality of lightning events and thus enables appropriate measures to be taken.”

The partnership will allow METEORAGE and RECASE to better serve the innovative and high-growth sector of Wind energy.

"Lightning is a main threat to wind farms. The mission of METEORAGE is to mitigate these risks, and we are very proud to launch this partnership with RECASE, a highly recognized company, with whom we share this commitment to deliver decision-making tools to save lives and properties”, concludes METEORAGE’s President, Mr. Dominique Lapeyre de Chavardès, on the significance of this initiative for both players.


METEORAGE is a global provider of lightning risk management and decision support solutions for a wide range of sectors (renewable energy, utilities, industry, aviation, national meteorological services, insurance, etc.). More than 3,500 customers rely on its data for people safety, operations planning, maintenance optimisation and lightning and thunderstorm exposure analysis. Over the past 30 years, METEORAGE has earned a reputation for the quality and usefulness of its services, based upon its high precision lightning detection network, covering Europe with an over 98% detection efficiency and a 100-meter median location accuracy. Outside Europe, METEORAGE provides the same services using the GLD360 long distance network. METEORAGE has been committed to CSR Responsibility Europe at a confirmed level, making ethics and social responsibility an integral part of its culture and day-to-day operations.

About RECASE Regenerative Energien GmbH

RECASE is an independent and experienced engineering company, which specialises in engineering services in the renewable energies and in particular wind energy technology. The long term and wind industry experienced team is active in the onshore and the offshore sector and supports suppliers, developers, and operators worldwide.

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© Xavier Delorme / METEORAGE

Pau (France) and Busdorf (Germany), 15 May 2024

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Julie SERRE, Area Manager Northern Europe
Phone: +33 673 611232
E-Mail: js@meteorage.com

Technopole Hélioparc
2 avenue du Président Pierre Angot - CS 8011
64053 Pau Cedex 9

Internet: https://www.meteorage.com

RECASE Regenerative Energien GmbH
Marco Hansen
Vice President
Phone: +49(0)4621 4216640
E-Mail: mha@recase.de

RECASE Regenerative Energien GmbH
Rendsburger Str. 54c
24866 Busdorf

Internet: https://www.recase.de


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