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wpd secures grid connection for two wind farms with up to 1.5 TWh total annual energy production in Sweden

© wpd GmbH
© wpd GmbH
Bremen (renewablepress) - wpd has secured the grid access for the two wind farms Broboberget and Lannaberget by signing the grid connection agreement for up to 740 MW installed wind power capacity with the grid operator Ellevio. With this signature the team of wpd Scandinavia has taken another important step towards completion of this large, combined project comprising around 100 wind turbines in two project parts, which will be connected to the transmission grid via a new 400 kV transformer station.

The two wind farms are to be built in the municipalities of Rättvik and Ovanåker in the central Swedish provinces of Dalarna and Gävleborg. The environmental permits allow to construct up to 80 turbines in Broboberget and 35 turbines in Lannaberget.

"We have driven the project forward with all the commitment and know-how of our experienced team and are pleased that we have mastered the next stage towards construction and commissioning of the project," says Johanna Bohn, Managing Director at wpd Scandinavia.

Sweden is facing a growing need for electricity and forecasts indicate that electricity consumption in the country may double as Sweden electrifies larger parts of the industry and transport sector.

The combined wind farm is currently the largest in the province of Dalarna. It will be an important piece of the puzzle to meet the industry's increasing demand for renewable power generation in the region. The hilly sites offer good wind conditions and are located far away from settlements, in areas primarily used for forestry.

"The two projects, Broboberget and Lannaberget, are estimated to contribute with about 1.5 TWh of green energy," Johanna Bohn continues. "With our outstanding expertise as an experienced partner for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), we are looking forward to new partnerships with the Swedish industry and international corporations which are interested to invest in Sweden. We develop tailor-made solutions for a long-term and sustainable business relationship on an equal footing."

wpd is now continuing the detailed project planning and initiated talks with turbine suppliers. The first phase of the grid connection is scheduled to be commissioned by grid operator Ellevio in year 2027.

About wpd

wpd is one of the world's leading developers and operators (IRPP) of wind and solar farms. Founded in 1996, the company develops, finances, constructs and operates wind farms and solar parks in 29 countries. The IRPP business includes projects in its own portfolio with a total capacity of almost 2,623 MW. Thanks to its growing expertise, the company is considered a reliable partner for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). wpd is steadily expanding its activities in the German domestic market and internationally in Europe, Asia, North America and South America and has a project pipeline totaling 15,775 MW of onshore wind and 3,235 MW of solar energy.


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© wpd GmbH

Bremen, 16 October 2023

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About wpd GmbH

wpd was founded in Bremen in 1996 and has become one of the leading developers and operators of onshore wind and solar farms in Europe. The group of companies consists of wpd GmbH (project developer and operator), wpd windmanager (commercial management and technical operations) and Deutsche Windtechnik (maintenance and engineering).

With 3,700 employees worldwide, wpd has implemented projects with 2,630 wind turbines and a total capacity of 6,110 MW, as well as solar energy projects with a capacity of 35 MW.

Besides developing projects in-house, wpd also undertakes project partnerships, commercial construction, contracting, project financing through to completion and the operation of wind and solar energy plants.

In addition to its home market in Germany, wpd is also active in the main wind and solar markets in Europe, in North and South America, and in various countries in the rapidly growing Asian market. The company has built a global project pipeline of 13,870 MW of onshore wind and 2,300 MWp of solar PV. Today, wpd is active in 29 countries worldwide.

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Press Contact

Christian Schnibbe

Christian Schnibbe
wpd GmbH
E-Mail: c.schnibbe@wpd.de
Phone: +49 (0)421 / 16866-10