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Big celebration for Energiequelle's 25th company anniversary

Prof. Dr Claudia Kemfert visited as a guest speaker and €50,000 will be donated to the German Children’s Fund

Michael and Doreen Raschemann with Prof. Dr Claudia Kemfert<br />
© Energiequelle GmbH
Michael and Doreen Raschemann with Prof. Dr Claudia Kemfert
© Energiequelle GmbH
Kallinchen (renewablepress) - Energiequelle GmbH hosted a jubilant celebration to mark its 25th anniversary. Almost 900 guests, 400 of them employees, made their way to Feldheim (Brandenburg) on 12 May where they celebrated until late into the night under the theme "we shine brighter together". With their invitation, guests received a light bulb which was brought along as a "part of the whole" and turned into a light installation forming the Energiequelle logo. This was later illuminated.

The anniversary, which officially took place on 22 October 2022, was celebrated in Feldheim because the first of the more than 850 wind turbines that have been installed to date was built here 25 years ago. Feldheim is also the most important milestone in the history of the family-owned company, as it was here that Energiequelle created Germany's first energy self-sufficient village, which today attracts visitors from all over the world and is considered a role model for the energy transition.

The evening began with a surprising and emotional speech by his son Lucas for founder Michael Raschemann. In his speech, former co-Managing Director Joachim Uecker reminisced and gave insights into the time "after Energiequelle". In addition, the mayor of Treuenbrietzen, Michael Knape, and the community leader, Petra Richter, congratulated and thanked Energiequelle for its ongoing commitment in Feldheim. Guest speaker Prof. Dr Claudia Kemfert described Energiequelle as the MacGyver of the energy transition. Last but not least, Mr Raschemann reported on the start and growth of Energiequelle and the special significance of Feldheim.

Later in the evening, a performance by the Energiequelle band, put together especially for the evening, followed, and as darkness fell, guests were able to admire an elaborate drone show outside.

Instead of gifts, Energiequelle asked its guests to make a donation to the German Children's Fund to support Ukrainian families in Germany. The guests raised almost €20,000, while Energiequelle increased the sum to €50,000.

Michael Raschemann is still overwhelmed by the evening, the surprises and the large sum he is able to hand over to the German Children's Fund: "I am incredibly proud and happy to be able to lead such a down-to-earth and family-oriented company with Energiequelle. The evening was filled with people who are accompanying me and us on our journey and that is exactly what made the evening and the anniversary so special. I would like to thank all employees, customers and partners for the unforgettable celebration and the valuable cooperation."

Energiequelle was founded in 1997 by Michael and Doreen Raschemann and Joachim Uecker. Today, the company has grown to more than 400 employees at 21 locations in Germany, France, Finland and Poland and has connected over 1,600 MW of installed capacity to the grid. The company remains on a growth path. Several site openings and more than 100 new hires are planned for this year.


Since 1997, Energiequelle GmbH has been active internationally as a project manager and operator of wind energy, biomass and photovoltaic plants as well as substations and storage facilities. The headquarter of Energiequelle is in Kallinchen near Berlin, further locations are in Bremen, Oldenburg, Hanover, Putlitz, Penzing, Erfurt, Dresden, Rostock, Leipzig, Guntersblum, Magdeburg, Wiesbaden and Spremberg, Luckenwalde as well as Rennes, Dijon and Bordeaux (France), Helsinki (Finland) and Poznan (Poland). With more than 400 employees and more than 800 plants built with a total output of around 1,600 MW, Energiequelle is a leading company in the industry.

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Caption: Michael and Doreen Raschemann with Prof. Dr Claudia Kemfert

Kallinchen, 31 May 2023

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