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Herausgeber: WindNOW! GmbH

Ingo Völkerink Joins Full-Service Provider WindNOW! GmbH

Ingo Völkerink, managing directors at WindNOW!<br />
© WindNOW! GmbH
Ingo Völkerink, managing directors at WindNOW!
© WindNOW! GmbH
Berlin (renewablepress) - WindNOW! GmbH, an independent full-service company for wind turbines that operates in Germany and Scandinavia, welcomed Ingo Völkerink to the management at the beginning of the year. Mr. Völkerink was previously responsible for Eastern Germany and Austria as regional manager with GE and has been working in the wind industry for more than 22 years. He was a key contributor to shaping the establishment of new companies as well as the restructuring of existing organizations in various companies.

Ingo Völkerink is joining Thomas Kühling on the management of WindNOW! and will be involved in furthering the expansion of the company, for example in Scandinavia. The current managing director and founder of WindNOW! GmbH, Manuel Lasse, is leaving the company to focus on the further expansion of the Green Wind Group.

Manuel Lasse: “My goal was to establish WindNOW! on the market as an independent service and maintenance company for wind turbines. We succeeded in this endeavor together with our colleagues. We are now looking after more than 100 MW in Germany and Sweden, exchanging major components and replacing blade bearings. Now, it’s time for me to hand over the further expansion to an experienced new management. I wish WindNOW! continued success!”

We asked Ingo Völkerink: You have been working in the field of wind energy worldwide for more than 22 years. Where is WindNOW! headed?

Ingo Völkerink: WindNOW! has already established itself successfully in Sweden with its customer Arise. We are building on this and expanding our collaboration. WindNOW! is also well represented on the German market, with WKA Service Kühling. The plan for our expansion in 2023 is focused on what our customers need. We are fully committed to quality and use regional service points that guarantee a short response time.

What was the crucial factor in your decision to join the management?

Ingo Völkerink: Based on my past professional and personal experience, I have always found it very fulfilling to be able to be actively involved in shaping things. As part of my last job at a global player, I gained in-depth knowledge in the structured establishment of new companies and financial aspects. At the same time, I also learned how things should not be done. We can now use the entire spectrum to set the right course.

You started your professional career by taking on a leading function at a drilling facility in Nigeria. What made you switch to wind energy?

Ingo Völkerink: I really enjoyed the work in Nigeria back then, as it was a challenging job in many ways. I had to interrupt my work in Nigeria and do my basic military service. After my time with the German Federal Armed Forces, my path led me to wind power by chance. I found the many facets of the systems fascinating right from the start. Also, the team spirit in this still fairly new industry was and still is unique. The requirements became increasingly extensive with the various positions I held over the years. But one thing never changes with wind power: It never gets boring!

PROFILE: WindNOW! GmbH has committed itself to “FULL SERVICE. GREEN STANDARDS”. The company was founded with the aim of offering fair and manufacturer-independent full service to wind farm operators in Europe. WindNOW! is currently looking after more than 100 MW in Germany and Sweden, exchanging major components and replacing blade bearings.


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Caption: Ingo Völkerink, managing directors at WindNOW!
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Caption: Managing Director Ingo Völkerink (right) with the service team in Sweden and Managing Director Thomas Kühling (left)
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Berlin, 04 April 2023

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