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Capcora opens office in Warsaw and appoints Bartlomiej Hofman as new director

Capcora opens office in Warsaw and appoints Bartlomiej Hofman as new director<br />
© Capcora
Capcora opens office in Warsaw and appoints Bartlomiej Hofman as new director
© Capcora
Frankfurt am Main (renewablepress) - Capcora, a leading independent financial advisory firm specialized in the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors, announces the opening of its Polish office in Warsaw to increase its coverage in one of Europe’s largest renewable energy markets. The effort will be led by former banker Bartlomiej Hofman, who is the newly appointed director of the Warsaw office.

The Polish renewable market is one of the central markets for Europe’s energy transition. The scope of transformation of the Polish energy sector is much wider and more expensive than in the majority of EU countries. One of the main reasons behind it is very specific historical conditions and a high proportion of coal in the energy production mix. Achieving renewable energy as the primary source requires not just technological changes, but also increased renewable energy production to replace fossil fuels. Big achievements have been made in the recent past, but there is still a long way to go.

Over the past five years, Capcora has expanded its activities in Poland and other Central and Eastern European markets by leveraging its German representations. In Poland, Capcora has successfully completed over 15 transactions, raising more than €400 million for more than 1 GW of projects, including debt and M&A transactions. Some of these transactions have been industry landmarks, such as the Zwartowo project developed by Goldbeck Solar, which is currently the largest solar PV project at 290 MWp. Recently, Capcora has facilitated one of the largest mezzanine financing deals, with German insurer HANSAINVEST Real Assets and SUNfarming for a solar portfolio of 257 MWp. Besides the aforementioned, Capcora has partnered with esteemed companies and first movers such as Green Genius, PAD RES, Claritas Investments or Emeren.

Bartlomiej Hofman will lead Capcora's new Polish branch, having joined the company from PKO BP, the largest commercial bank in Poland. During his five years at PKO BP, he headed the structured finance team, overseeing activities related to renewable energy and infrastructure. Prior to this, he spent 20 years with the project finance teams of mBank, Alior Bank and Kredyt Bank. Bartlomiej comes with extensive experience in Polish renewables and infrastructure space.

"We are excited to inaugurate our Warsaw office, led by Bartek Hofman, an accomplished financing expert. The launch of this office is a crucial step for Capcora in expanding our reach in the burgeoning renewable energy market in Poland and Central Eastern Europe. As we witness the ongoing changes in Poland's energy sector, we believe that proactive advisors are necessary to continue shaping the market," said Jochen Magerfleisch and Alexander Kuhn, Managing Partners at Capcora.

"I am thrilled to join Capcora and lead the opening of the new branch. Poland's renewable energy market is undergoing significant transformation and presents immense opportunities for investors and developers. I look forward to leveraging my experience and Capcora's expertise to provide tailored solutions to clients and support the growth of the sector in Poland.", said Bartlomiej Hofman, new Director of Capcora.

About Capcora

Capcora is an independent financial advisory boutique specializing in M&A and project finance services to accelerate the energy transition in Europe. Founded in 2015, the Frankfurt-based company helps its clients succeed in the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors by advising them on sell-side and buy-side transactions, and by raising mezzanine, unitranche or senior debt.


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Caption: Capcora opens office in Warsaw and appoints Bartlomiej Hofman as new director
© Capcora

Frankfurt am Main, 14 March 2023

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