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Herausgeber: 4Cast GmbH & Co. KG

Digitizing the energy transition with new products

- Results of research since 2016 now for the economy

Sascha Bauer, CEO 4cast<br />
© 4cast
Sascha Bauer, CEO 4cast
© 4cast
Potsdam (renewablepress) - The energy transition is progressing and is actively promoted by the legislator. 4Cast GmbH & Co. KG is entering the new year with clear goals. Precise yield and power forecasts reveal great potential for achieving the expansion targets of the German government by 2030 - an additional two-digit terawatt hours of clean energy annually.

"In 2023, with our accurate forecasting models, we will make the knowledge gained from the research we have been conducting since 2016 available to the industry in a profitable and customer-specific way. We will also use this knowledge to push into further markets and advance the energy transition, as well as other sectors of the economy, with our products," says Sascha Bauer (CEO, 4cast). Bauer has been CEO of 4cast since September 2022 and is responsible for the transformation of the company.

Data and learning algorithms

The in-house yield forecasting methods are based on machine learning, learning algorithms - e.g. artificial neural networks - and numerical weather data from various sources. They establish undoubted correlations between weather, location and performance - quickly, reliably and precisely.

Future-proof in a growing market

To ensure scalability for increasing customer requests in the future, the company is pushing ahead with restructuring and further development of the systems. "The market for renewables is growing and we are gaining more and more customers from the energy sector, as well as from industry," says Sascha Bauer, adding, "We have just signed a contract with an aluminum producer from Bosnia-Herzegovina. The company feeds the production of the aluminum with energy from its own wind farms. With our forecasts, the power demand for the production can be regulated more easily and according to demand. The applications of our forecasts are very diverse, as you can see."

About 4Cast GmbH & Co. KG

4cast has been advancing machine learning-based forecasting methods for the energy market since 2016. The systems rely on intelligent and adaptive algorithms and resulting individual forecast models. Yield forecasts support sustainable and market-optimized trading of wind and solar energy. Using current and historical production and weather data from various sources, 4cast trains its in-house models for unprecedented precision.


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Caption: Sascha Bauer, CEO 4cast
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Potsdam, 06 January 2023

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