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Sunwin Energy sells a 375 MW solar portfolio, advised by Capcora

Sunwin disposes 375 MWp solar portfolio in Italy<br />
© Capcora
Sunwin disposes 375 MWp solar portfolio in Italy
© Capcora
Frankfurt am Main (renewablepress) - European Developer Sunwin Energy today announced to have entered into a framework agreement with a major European stock listed energy company for the development of a 375 MW portfolio. The portfolio Sunwin Energy has developed in Italy over the last years consists of 15 ground-mounted photovoltaic projects. The mid-stage projects are well diversified including industrial sites, landfills and agro-photovoltaic projects. Capcora, a German consulting company, has acted as the exclusive M&A advisor in this agreement. Bird and Bird acted as a sell-side legal advisor.

The transaction was structured as a conditional sale and purchase agreement for 15 mid-stage solar PV projects, with individual project sizes ranging between 10 and 75 MW, and ready to build (RTB) dates expected between 2023 and 2026. Sunwin Energy has developed the portfolio over the last years focusing on diversification across various regions of Italy, including projects on landfills, industrial sites and on agricultural land respecting the latest guidelines to develop agro-photovoltaic projects.

The Italian market is gaining momentum among investors and utilities. Several GW have started development and the race for grid connection and permits has begun. Cooperations with reliable and seasoned development partners are in focus.

“We are pleased to enter into this new partnership with an international and reputable player for a significant part of our 1GW-portfolio in development. The cooperation strengthens our position as an experienced greenfield developer in the dynamic Italian market. This transaction gives us the necessary financial capabilities and at the same time we keep our agility as an independent developer”, says Lars Konersmann, managing director at Sunwin Energy

“We are glad to support this transaction in Italy underlining our strong position in the market. With an expected deployment of 5.1 GW in 2022 with a lion share of solar power, Italy is back among the leading renewable energy markets in Europe providing a great outlook for solar investments.”, says Henning Prigge, Director at Capcora which advised Sunwin on this M&A Transaction.

About Sunwin

Sunwin Energy is a leading European developer, with 200 employees and offices located in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Romania and Italy. The office in Italy was opened 2019 where Sunwin has entered as a first mover in the grid-parity market and is currently developing a pipeline of 1 GW. The Sunwin Group develops in addition to greenfield PV-power plants also Biomethan and storage projects. Sunwin is an international initiative of the Swiss developing and consulting company «Energie Zukunft Schweiz AG (EZS)», based in Zurich and Basel.

About Capcora

Capcora is a consulting firm, specialized on real assets. Capcora procures equity, mezzanine and debt financing for energy and infrastructure projects, real estate, and medium-sized companies. The focus is especially on mezzanine financing for the recapitalization of tied-up liquidity in operating assets as well as for bridge financing of developments and construction measures in the area of renewable energies (photovoltaics, onshore wind) and real estate through alternative financing sources. In addition, Capcora acts as transaction manager for M&A processes (buy and sell side advisory).

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Caption: Sunwin disposes 375 MWp solar portfolio in Italy
© Capcora

Frankfurt am Main, 23 November 2022

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