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Herausgeber: Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH

Q-Energy opens new locations in Hamburg and Wiesbaden

Q-Energy wind projects in Germany<br />
© Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH
Q-Energy wind projects in Germany
© Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH
Berlin (renewablepress) - Shortly before the start of the Hamburg WindEnergy, Q-Energy announces the opening of further German locations. With currently more than 130 employees and over 50 wind projects in the portfolio, the expansion is the next milestone to ensure local presence in the project regions.

In the last four years, Q-Energy has invested more than € 300 million in the acquisition and development of repowering and greenfield projects in Germany, thus becoming an established partner in the renewable energy sector.

"With the opening of the new locations in Hamburg and Wiesbaden, we are continuing our expansion course and are also consistently pursuing the strategy of being successful with close cooperation to residents and communities," says Borja Caruana, Managing Director of Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH.

Q-Energy also covers the entire value chain at the new company locations, offering all stakeholders competent contact partners in the areas of acquisition, project planning, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects.

Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH belongs to one of the world's leading investment platforms for renewable energies. Projects are currently being released in Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and Great Britain. In partnership, dynamic and innovative, Q-Energy sets new standards in project development. Sustainable investment meets innovative project development. It is precisely the combination of both worlds that explains the company's rapid growth.

"For all those who would like to follow this course together with us, we currently have job opportunities in Hamburg, Berlin and Wiesbaden. We will be happy to talk about this at WindEnergy in Hamburg," adds HR Manager Annemarie Jehring.

More information: https://qenergy.com/de/deutschland-in-the-world/

About Q-Energy

With a team of more than 300 experts, Q-Energy has already invested over 11 billion euros in renewable energy projects worldwide since 2007. These investments are realized through five funds: Fotowatio / FRV, Vela Energy, Q-Energy III-V.

Q-Energy offers integrated investment and asset management services and manages projects with more than 1.6 GW of renewable energy. The portfolio consists of 1 GW of photovoltaic, 243 MW of solar thermal power (CSP), 325 MW of wind energy and 6 MW of battery storage, realized in Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Poland and Italy. Q-Energy also has a project pipeline of more than 3.5 GW in various stages of development.

Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH is part of the Q-Energy Group and focuses on the acquisition, financing, project development, construction, and operation of onshore wind turbines.

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Caption: Q-Energy wind projects in Germany
© Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH

Berlin, 26 September 2022

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About Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH

Qualitas Energy is a leading investment and management platform focused on renewable energy, energy transition, and sustainable infrastructure investment.

Since 2006, the Qualitas Energy team has managed investments of more than €11 billion in renewable energy worldwide. These investments have been deployed through five vehicles: Fotowatio / FRV, Vela Energy, Q-Energy III, Q-Energy IV, and Q-Energy V.

Qualitas Energy’s existing portfolio currently holds more than 5 GW of operating and development energy assets, including more than 3 GW of wind, 1 GWp of solar PV, 242 MW of solar thermal power (CSP), 243 MW of battery, 180 MW of renewable natural gas, and 60 MW of hydroelectric power assets across Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy, Poland, and Chile.

The operating assets currently generate enough clean energy to supply more than 370,000 homes and avoid the emission of 630,000 tons of CO2, per year.

The Qualitas Energy team is composed of more than 600 professionals across 11 offices in Madrid, Berlin, London, Milan, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Trier, Stuttgart, Cologne, Warsaw, and Santiago.

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