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Herausgeber: WindNOW! GmbH

WIND NOW acquires WKA Service Kühling GmbH

Thomas Kühling is the new Managing Director

Thomas Kühling<br />
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Thomas Kühling
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Berlin (renewablepress) - Young and independent full service company WIND NOW GmbH has expanded by acquiring WKA Service Kühling GmbH. WKA CEO Thomas Kühling is taking over as Managing Director of WIND NOW and bringing his expertise, the customer potential, and an experienced team along with him. For WIND NOW, this is an important step toward growth in the full maintenance area. This way, all important turbine types are to receive comprehensive maintenance via regional service locations within Europe in the future. WIND NOW is working with the state-of-the-art 24/7 control room greenwind control.

The new CEO of WIND NOW, Thomas Kühling, has been a declared “wind fan” since 2004. That was when he joined the world’s leading manufacturer of wind turbines in whose service he maintained and repaired wind turbines in Europe. He then took a job as technical head of an independent service company, where he was soon appointed managing director. Under his leadership, a further company with a strong focus on offshore activities that dealt specifically with oil change was founded. With his own company, WKA Service Kühling GmbH, he established a considerable customer base.

Thomas Kühling, what prompted you to merge your company, WKA Kühling Service GmbH, with WIND NOW?

For me, the focus was always on further development. And so I soon realized that I needed stable major partners to advance my business concept and myself, too. WIND NOW was the perfect partner, as we can refine both our concept and the approach and grow together to become one of the biggest providers of independent service in Europe.

As the new Managing Director, where do you see potential in the medium term?

WIND NOW is poised to become one of the most important full service providers in Europe. The potential of the 24/7 greenwind control concept in particular offers significant advantages of which we will make wide use.

What future development opportunities are you pursuing with the fusion?

Until now, WIND NOW was not very strongly represented in Germany, but more in other European countries. WKA Service Kühling, on the other hand, operated only in Germany and was relatively well known here. The merger is bringing together all the European countries and an excellent infrastructure in Germany under the name of WIND NOW.

What does independence mean to you?

Everyone is dependent on something. For example, we depend on our long-standing suppliers to offer prices that are in line with the market. We can then pass on these prices to our customers. However, we are not tied to one supplier or manufacturer. Thanks to our in-house engineering team, we can develop upgrades or replace components that may not be available any more or that are difficult to come by. That is the kind of independence WIND NOW can offer its customers.

What is your definition of “healthy growth”?

I got to know many companies over the course of my varied past in the wind family. Time and again I noticed how companies underwent rapid growth without adapting the infrastructure, which resulted in a crash. And so I always did my best to adapt the infrastructure to the growth in an effort to achieve healthy growth.

What fascinates you about the power of wind?

Perhaps I’ll tell you about one of my first points of contact with wind energy. A good friend from school and fellow trainee called to ask me whether I wanted to be a service engineer for wind energy. It was really windy on his end, so I asked him where he was. He explained that he was on Germany’s largest man lift and could only work whenever the blade came past – that’s how much the man lift was swaying.
These situations, the power of the wind and how we can use it still have a hold on me to this day. There is hardly another sector with such fascinating tasks.

WIND NOW has become FULL SERVICE. GREEN STANDARDS is written on the (wind) flags and was founded with the aim of offering wind farm operators a fair full service independent of the turbine manufacturer.
The service company, founded in 2019, offers three service packages including additional services that can be used individually, from A for anti-icing to Z for certified corrosion protection.

Visit WIND NOW at WindEnergy Hamburg in Hall A4, Stand 341.

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Berlin, 22 September 2022

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