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Herausgeber: SkySails Group GmbH

SkySails Group GmbH Secures Highly Experienced Green-Power Manager as its New CFO

Mustafa Özen, new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) SkySails Group GmbH<br />
© Mustafa Özen
Mustafa Özen, new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) SkySails Group GmbH
© Mustafa Özen
Hamburg (renewablepress) - Mustafa Özen is joining the SkySails Group GmbH’s Management Board on October 1st 2021 as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Mustafa Özen has more than 20 years of experience in the strategic and operational management of companies throughout the energy industry. He has been the CFO of the market-leading green electricity provider Lichtblick SE, for the last 12 years. The SkySails Group GmbH will benefit from Mustafa Özen´s extensive experience within central key areas, such as the guidance and implementation of M&A processes, the management of growth phases, as well as the digitalization and optimization of work processes.

"It is of great importance for us to further professionalize and strengthen our business in crucial areas in this phase of growth. Mustafa Özen is a highly experienced manager with an extensive background in finance as well as strong expertise in renewable energies, and we are very pleased to welcome him to our team," said Stephan Wrage, CEO of the SkySails Group GmbH.

Mustafa Özen: "I am excited to be joining the beginning of a great entrepreneurial story, and to have the opportunity to help shape it. SkySails is the world’s leader in technology that unlocks the previously untapped energy source of high-altitude wind, making it available for power generation for the first time ever. Parts of the world that have been completely cut off from such infrastructure will especially benefit from this technology."

About SkySails Group GmbH

SkySails Group GmbH develops sustainable solutions and technologies in two areas in its subsidiaries:

• Green energy: SkySails Power GmbH develops and markets systems for electricity generation from high-altitude wind - so-called airborne wind energy systems. With this technology, SkySails enables the harnessing of the so far untapped powerful resource of high-altitude wind for the first time ever.

• Clean shipping: SkySails offers various hardware and software solutions for saving fuel in shipping. With the well-known propulsion kite systems for cargo ships, SkySails became a pioneer for alternative ship propulsion systems. Data-based solutions from SkySails Marine Performance GmbH optimize ship operation and thus reduce fuel consumption and emissions from cargo ships, crew transfer vessels and ferries.

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Caption: Mustafa Özen, new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) SkySails Group GmbH
© Mustafa Özen

Hamburg, 16 September 2021

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