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Herausgeber: Green Wind Engineering GmbH

New: Green Wind Engineering Concentrated engineering knowledge

Michael Melsheimer, Managing Director Green Wind Engineering / Test Imbalances<br />
© Pablo Castagnola / Green Wind Energy
Michael Melsheimer, Managing Director Green Wind Engineering / Test Imbalances
© Pablo Castagnola / Green Wind Energy
Berlin (renewablepress) - The core of the newly founded Green Wind Engineering GmbH within the Green Wind Group is a team with internationally recognised competence. They are stepping up to provide engineering services which can help to optimise any type of wind turbine – onshore as well as offshore. Their main focus: Rotor Dynamics. Their scope of services: specialist measurement campaigns, rotor balancing, expert assessment. “We look right in there where the components rotate – to ensure a long and profitable service life”, says Michael Melsheimer, managing director of the newly founded Green Wind Engineering GmbH.

2000 examined turbines

From now, concentrated engineering knowledge is available world-wide for Wind Park owners and operators. Green Wind Engineering can draw on the experience of examining around 2000 turbines, over 20 years of rotor balancing campaigns, photogrammetric and laser-based blade angle measurements, as well as load measurements including blade tests and measurements on rotating parts. Additionally they have performed video-based measurements and measurements to assess remaining service life, to enable extended operation of wind turbines.

Green Wind Engineering’s team of seven experts has overseen more than 30 consultancy projects with a client project scope worth more than one billion Euros as well as 35 root-cause analysis projects. The more than 60 industry publications attest to the experience of the team, to which textbook author and expert Dr.-Ing. Christoph Heilmann belongs.

Minimising costs due to rotor imbalance

Green Wind Engineering investigates causes of damage which – unlike local wind or siting factors – are avoidable. Therefore, rotor imbalance measurements should be part of any thorough root-cause analysis when addressing yield shortfall or repeated damage and component failure. That holds particularly in low-yield years, at problematic sites or with unknown weaknesses in areas which are subject to increased vibrations.

Imbalance and/or blade angle deviations are recurring themes for many wind turbines. Indeed, they exacerbate vibrations and, according to the Green Wind Engineering’s experts, cause a reduction of up to 4.6 percent in annual returns, due to additional costs attributable to rotor imbalance. Therefore, professional balancing strategies to determine mass imbalance and blade angle deviation, using precise measurement systems with high statistical certainty are of particular value for owners and operators of wind turbines.

With the power of the wind

“We are proud that we can strengthen the engineering power of the Green Wind Group” emphasises Group Co-Owner Manual Lasse. “This allows us to extend our portfolio and cover all bases, in the areas of Project Development and Operation – from the green field to end of service life, from Technical Service through to Engineering Consultancy.”

As announced by Managing Director Michael Melsheimer, the team is working on further innovative products and services aimed at optimisation of rotating components, in combination with the cutting-edge 24/7 control room greenwind control. “With the power of the wind, we know where we stand. The wind continues to bring us new and exciting challenges. Wind energy is for me, alongside the other renewables, clearly the best energy we can produce!

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Caption: Michael Melsheimer, Managing Director Green Wind Engineering / Test Imbalances
© Pablo Castagnola / Green Wind Energy

Berlin, 25 August 2021

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