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Herausgeber: Lufthansa Industry Solutions AS GmbH

New Windpulse release - Inspection tool for wind turbines with new functions

- The Windpulse update offers plant managers, operators, service providers, and surveyors more demand-driven documentation and enables even leaner maintenance processes
- Detailed outline of components and defect database lay the foundation for the digital lifecycle file and offer maximum security in reporting
- Additional features planned throughout the year

Windpulse inspection solution: more accurate documentation, more efficient inspections<br />
© Lufthansa Industry Solutions
Windpulse inspection solution: more accurate documentation, more efficient inspections
© Lufthansa Industry Solutions
Norderstedt (renewablepress) - German IT consultancy Lufthansa Industry Solutions presents the latest version of its wind turbine (WTG) inspection solution from the Windpulse product suite. It now enables plant managers, operators, service providers and surveyors to record target condition deviations in an even more specialized way and documents these in a compliant form in a defect database. In this way, tests, inspections, expert reports and other checks on WTGs can be planned, carried out and completed in accordance with the latest guidelines.

Detailed component display, comprehensive defect tracking

At the center of the latest release, there are two new features: With the help of a component tree, wind turbine elements and parts, such as rotor blades or the foundation, can now be divided into various main components and subcomponents, as well as set up in any relationships and structures. For example, the solution allows mapping according to RDS-PP and can contain multiple nodes (WTG, OSS, etc.) in parallel. In addition, the defect tracking allows the assignment of possible damages to specific components, via the applicable checklist, or directly via the object component tree. The defects are assigned to the WTG in the back office and can be processed at any time. For users, this means the beginning of a digital lifecycle file and thus maximum security when it comes to quickly generating reports according to current compliance guidelines.

Mobile solution for WTG maintenance and operation

The inspection tool from the Windpulse product suite combines a proven procedure planning tool, with an app running on iOS. Here, operations are planned in the browser and performed directly at the WTG on-site using the iOS mobile app. This enables the planning side and the execution side to work in tandem. The solution facilitates the planning of operations and enables the assignment of checklists to the specific WTG types. On-site inspectors can also carry out inspections more easily using the predefined necessary inspection points and complete them with a simple click. The big advantage: thanks to the app, users can carry out the inspection completely digitally. Therefore, pen, paper or camera belong in the past.

"The inspection solution of our Windpulse platform is much more than just another app," says Frank Hagemann, Product Owner Windpulse Inspection Tool at Lufthansa Industry Solutions. "It significantly optimizes and accelerates inspection and service processes, which not only makes it easier to inspect on site, but also to plan operations." For instance, inspections can be carried out based on the necessary predefined inspection points and completed with a simple click. Checklists can be assigned to specific WTG types by operators.

Additional functions are planned for the Windpulse platform throughout the year, which will continuously expand the scope of function. "In this way, we are addressing customer requirements in a constantly growing market with all our experience and expertise in a continuous improvement process," emphasizes Frank Hagemann. In particular, analytics services are to be at the forefront in the future. The focus will be on performance analyses as well as on the visualization of assemblies, components and the associated damage mapping for defect tracking.

About Windpulse®

Windpulse® is the platform of Lufthansa Industry Solutions through which consulting IT services as well as industry-specific product solutions in the field of renewable energies are offered. The inspection solution from the Windpulse® product suite bundles all the necessary documents for maintenance in its mobile front end and provides service teams on-site electronically with the latest information at any time. In addition, the inspection can be documented directly via tablet or smartphone. The information from the mobile application flows into the back-office solution, so that office staff can see the results of their service team deployed at the WTG in real time. The transparency gained through Windpulse® also helps to provide maintenance technicians with information when problems arise at short notice. As a result, wind turbines can be maintained in a much leaner way and process quality increases.

About Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Lufthansa Industry Solutions is a service provider for IT consulting and system integration. This Lufthansa subsidiary helps its clients with the digital transformation of their companies. Its customer base includes companies both within and outside the Lufthansa Group, as well as more than 300 companies in various lines of business. The company is based in Norderstedt and employs over 2,100 members of staff at several branch offices in Germany, Albania, Switzerland and the USA.

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Caption: Windpulse inspection solution: more accurate documentation, more efficient inspections
© Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Norderstedt, 07 May 2021

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