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Herausgeber: Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

Kaiserwetter is founding a Global Action Force

Hamburg (renewablepress) - Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management is expanding its ZULU advisory services by a Global Action Force supporting investors facing technical and operational issues with renewable energy assets. The team combines technical engineering expertise with AI-based data analytics and is operating worldwide.

The energy transition has emerged out of a developing state: Renewable energy has become a decisive economic factor on a global scale and integral part of any future-oriented growth strategy. Therefore, the expansion of renewable energy is experiencing a historic boom growing at a steadily increasing rate worldwide. For investors, this means: The larger the portfolio, the more complex the operational management due to increasing system failures and inefficient operations. The heterogeneity of the assets is becoming an additional challenge. While new renewable energy assets meet highest technological requirements, older assets are more susceptible to service and maintenance. The result: higher capital expenditures (CAPEX), higher operational expenditures (OPEX) and lower revenues.

For this reason under the umbrella of its renowned ZULU brand, the German IntelliTech company Kaiserwetter founded a Global Action Force; a team consisting of highly specialized engineers and technicians that are deployed globally with the aim of solving problems of different renewable energy assets – starting with wind farms and solar installation, but continuously expanding their services to other asset classes like biomass or energy storage. The data intelligence developed by Kaiserwetter over the last years enables the Global Action Force to detect and identify problems by using comprehensive data analytics. Based on these findings, the team of Kaiserwetter experts develop, present and implement technical solutions that not only resolve the problem but also optimize the asset as a whole. Ultimately, Kaiserwetter allows for an overall maximized portfolio performance and reliable gains within the industry and thereby, setting new benchmarks.

“The integration of a Global Action Force into our advisory services allows us to offer a hybrid of state of the art fact-based data analytics and excellent and personal consulting.”, says Dietrich Pals, Global Head of Asset Management of Kaiserwetter. “The energy transition and, even more so, climate protection is above everything an innovation and investment program of historic dimensions. It is our mission to accelerate these investments by adding a new quality of intelligence: human intelligence based on long-lasting expertise with asset management in renewable energy, in combination with the best data analytics and AI can deliver in this field. This approach will define a new quality of asset management services for renewable energy following our commitment to deliver the maximum of returns to our clients.”

About Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

Kaiserwetter is an IntelliTech company in the renewable energy industry. The company relies on data intelligence that results from its Data as a Service (DaaS) convincing investors and lending banks to invest more heavily in renewable energy in an effort to accelerate investments in an emission-free energy production worldwide. This is a main precondition for meeting international climate goals.

Kaiserwetter's product suite encompasses four digital innovations. Whereof the multiple award-winning cloud-based IoT/ AI- platform ARISTOTELES aggregates mass data from renewable energy assets to perform smart data analytics, predictive analytics, and machine learning to minimize investment risks, maximize return and reach maximum transparency. With the development of ARISTOTELES SKY, Kaiserwetter has taken the next step by presenting a business-to-government solution for countries to mitigate the transition risks and to speed up the energy transformation towards a decentralized demand side orientated power supply. IRIS is Kaiserwetter's online-based analytics machine that allows for a detailed analysis of the technical status and the performance potential for wind farms and solar parks with the aim to give clients a quick insight into the current technical state of their assets. ZULU comprises of all services related to technical and commercial asset management, including the world's first online service configurator, which allows clients to freely combine service modules of their renewable energy assets. Additionally, ZULU offers a broad range of services encompassing HSE Advisory Services and ESG Investment Consultancy.

Kaiserwetter offers its specialized digital services to all stakeholders worldwide as part of their investment in renewable energy throughout the entire investment cycle. Kaiserwetter's clients include investment funds, private equity investors, infrastructure funds, banking institutions, insurance companies, supranational organizations, rating agencies and utilities. Established in 2012, the company has its headquarters in Hamburg and offices in Madrid and New York and is currently set to expand into China and India.

For additional information about Kaiserwetter, please visit: www.kaiserwetter.energy

Hamburg, 11 November 2020

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