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Herausgeber: Energynautics GmbH

Grid Integration of Renewable Energy: three virtual conferences and two tutorials in November

- Special topic: Grid Forming Solutions

- Various technical presentations from industry and academia

- E-Mobility Integration Symposium on 3 November free of charge

Dr. Ackermann and Peter-Philipp Schierhorn present the Wind Tutorial on Ancillary Services on 10 November.<br />
© Energynautics GmbH
Dr. Ackermann and Peter-Philipp Schierhorn present the Wind Tutorial on Ancillary Services on 10 November.
© Energynautics GmbH
Darmstadt (renewablepress) - Synchronous generators of conventional power plants are used to meet the requirements on frequency and voltage in traditional power systems operation. Due to the energy transition, more and more conventional power plants are being replaced by generating units that are connected to the power grid via inverters such as wind turbines and PV systems.

To secure stable and safe power system operation in a future with high penetration of renewable energies, renewable generating units need to take over the power system operating functions traditionally delivered by conventional generators. Renewable generation has already demonstrated in many projects its capabilities to deliver the services traditionally supplied by conventional generators, using for instance grid forming solutions.

The events of the virtual RE Grid Integration Week in November including the 19th Wind Integration Workshop (11/11-12/20), the 10th Solar Integration Workshop (11/5/20) as well as the free 4th E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium (11/3/29) offer grid operators, manufacturers and research institutions a platform to showcase these grid forming solutions: research and project experiences will be presented in three Wind and one Solar session.

The conferences are aimed at i.a. power system operators, transmission and distribution grid operators, wind turbine, solar inverter and charging station manufacturers, universities and research institutes as well as consulting companies. The primary objective is to stimulate interdisciplinary thinking between industry and academia by providing a platform for discussion and for sharing ideas and knowledge regarding the key issues in the field of large-scale integration of renewable energies.

Besides the special topic “Grid Forming Solutions”, the Wind Integration Workshop also offers a special session on IEA Wind Task 36 “Raising the bar on Information Transparency and recommended Practices for Wind Power Forecasting“ and a session on IEA Wind Tasks 25, 26, 37 titled „Grand Challenges in the Science of Wind Energy: Grid“. During the Solar Integration Workshop, experiences with hybrid power systems as well as batteries will also be presented.

In addition, Energynautics offers two introductory tutorials on Grid Integration of EVs (11/3/20) as well as Ancillary Services (11/10/20).

Find further information including online registration on the conference websites: www.energynautics.com/en/energynautics-conferences-in-november-go-virtual

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Caption: Dr. Ackermann and Peter-Philipp Schierhorn present the Wind Tutorial on Ancillary Services on 10 November.
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Darmstadt, 26 October 2020

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