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NOTUS Wins First Contract for Wind Farm with 22.5 MW in France

Paris (renewablepress) - NOTUS énergie France has been awarded the contract for three wind turbines north of Paris in the current bidding round. The wind farm, with a total of nine Nordex N100/2500 turbines, has a rated output of 22.5 megawatts and is expected to supply green electricity into the grid starting in 2021.

"Despite the corona crisis, construction work on the nine turbines is scheduled to commence in autumn 2020," explains Heinrich Lieser, President NOTUS énergie France in Paris. Commissioning of the turbines is planned for summer 2021.

"The beginnings of this project go back to 2005, so we are all the more pleased that we can now move on and plan to produce renewable electricity for France next year," Lieser continued.

The wind farm is located approximately 90 kilometres north of Paris near the 40,000-inhabitant city of Compiègne. The nine Nordex N100/2500 wind turbines will have a total installed capacity of 22.5 MW. Six of these wind turbines will be remunerated under the feed-in tariff for 2017.

"Strong signal for further projects"

Notification of the award of the last three turbines was received by NOTUS in Paris on 10 April. The contract was awarded in the fifth tender of the "Commission de Régulation de L'Énergie" (CRE), the French national regulatory authority. A total of 630 MW was awarded in this round.

For NOTUS énergie France, this is the first wind farm developed entirely by the NOTUS Group. "This is a strong signal for the other projects we are planning in France," said Lieser.

In total, the NOTUS Group is developing wind and PV projects with more than 600 MW in France. The projects are located across the country. NOTUS is constantly seeking further partnerships with other planners, municipalities and local authorities.

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Paris, 23 April 2020

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