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Herausgeber: Next2Sun GmbH

Total and Next2Sun Join Forces to Boost Agrivoltaism in France

Merzig (renewablepress) - Total Quadran, has concluded an agreement with Next2Sun in order to deploy its innovative bifacial photovoltaic technology in the French market (Alsace excluded).

Thanks to vertically positioned bifacial panels mounting solution, Next2Sun’s technology allows to delivers maximum energy both at dawn and dusk - periods of high consumption where south-oriented conventional photovoltaic is not the most effective.

Mainly intended for agrivoltaism, Next2Sun vertical bifacial solar panels techno provides two major benefits:

• supply more energy at specific times of the day in comparison with conventional photovoltaic plants,
• allowing to address agricultural lands with a low land coverage ratio, hence reducing competition between usages.

“We are proud to be an exclusive partner of Total Quadran, a pioneer of renewable energies in France, to accompany the expansion of ground mounted photovoltaic plants in the country, while preserving natural and agricultural areas,” said Heiko Hildebrandt, Managing Director of Next2Sun. “Thanks to its low land coverage ratio as well as its increased space between rows Next2Sun’s technology allows for more space to grow crops than conventional photovoltaic and easy exploitation with agricultural machinery, which could prove a viable solution to address agricultural lands in respect with their intended use.

“Total Quadran is convinced that this technology can make an essential contribution to address agricultural lands by reducing competition between usages as well as bringing added value to our CPPA offers," said Thierry Muller, Managing Director of Total Quadran.

About Next2Sun

Next2Sun is a developer and pioneer in vertical bifacial PV systems. The basic principle of the concept is the vertical arrangement of solar modules that can use sunlight from both the front and the back ("bifacial" solar modules). The two active sides are typically oriented to the east and west.

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Caption: Solar plant in Eppelborn Germany (2 MWp)
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Merzig, 27 March 2020

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