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How to avoid blackouts and improve grid stability

International Conferences in Dublin focus on RE Grid Integration

Darmstadt (renewablepress) - In light of the London Black Out in early August and the general need to adapt the grid to the requirements of renewable energies, grid integration issues are in the center of international energy transition.

System operators have been aware of the growing potential for a wide-scale blackout for years as high volumes of renewable energy can make it more difficult for them to balance the frequency of the grid, which was originally built to accommodate fossil fuel power plants.

Besides frequency aspects, market as well as regulatory issues, sharing international experiences and lessons learned is the way to meet the grid challenges of today and the future.

An opportunity to do just that offers the Grid Integration Week from 14 - 18 October 2019 in Dublin, Ireland that features the 3rd E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium and the 9th Solar &18th Wind Integration Workshops.

Local TSO EirGrid gives great insights into their system operation: be it by presenting in the wind keynote session on “What the World has to Learn from the Ireland and Northern Ireland Experience”, a dedicated EirGrid session or the study trips to the EirGrid control room.

With 40+ presentations in 11 E-Mobility sessions, 50+ presentations in 14 solar sessions and 110+ presentations in 26 wind sessions, the spectrum of topics of the Grid Integration Week ranges from charging infrastructure and distribution networks to storage and power system studies to grid forming.

In addition to regular sessions, participants may also join a special Tutorial on “Lessons Learned from Grid Integration of VRE” held by invited experts Jon O’Sullivan of EirGrid, Debra Lew of Debra Lew LCC, Nicholas Miller of HickoryLedge and Thomas Ackermann of Energynautics.

With many accompanying events such as the combined Solar and Wind Networking Event, the VRE Tutorial, the Tutorial on Grid Edge Technologies as well as the Study Trips and Poster Sessions, the Grid Integration Week also offers multiple networking opportunities.

Find further information here: http://integrationworkshops.org/events/

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Caption: 3 conferences on RE grid integration in one week: E-Mobility, Solar and Wind
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Darmstadt, 17 September 2019

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