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windtest grevenbroich demonstrates international expertise in Husum

Grevenbroich (renewablepress) - At Husum Wind 2019, windtest grevenbroich gmbh will turn the focus onto its international expertise, presenting itself as a strong partner for international business. Taglined “Here, there, everywhere.”, the trade fair will provide visitors with the opportunity, in Hall 5 Booth C03, to gain an insight into the vast international experience of the specialist in measurement and test services from Grevenbroich.

Here, there, everywhere.

“Over our more than 20-year history, we have completed in excess of 5,500 projects worldwide,” says Managing Director Monika Krämer. The experience has given windtest grevenbroich a deep understanding of the local context and the specificities of various countries around the world. “This makes us an ideal partner not only for companies abroad, but also for German businesses planning to get a foothold in these international markets,” adds Krämer.

Site assessment in Bangladesh

In a current project, for example, windtest grevenbroich is conducting an exciting site assessment in Bangladesh, involving the installation, inspection and approval of a LiDAR system on the roof of a school in Feni. Based on the data gathered, windtest grevenbroich, on behalf of Suntrace GmbH, compiled a wind and yield report for the World Bank as part of a technical assistance project with the Government of Bangladesh.
“The challenges in Bangladesh were definitely different to projects in Germany or Europe,” reports Eva-Maria Schmitt, responsible for overseeing the project. “For example, early on we had problems with the grid quality, which led to failure of our sensitive measuring equipment. We therefore decided to use the LiDAR as a stand-alone system, powered by batteries,” she adds.

Noise measurements in Luxembourg

Or take Luxembourg, where windtest grevenbroich was approved by the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure to conduct technical research and testing in the environmental sphere. Among other aspects, windtest grevenbroich will now be able to conduct noise immission measurements and prepare accredited noise projection reports (noise impact studies).

“We can now also offer our many years of experience and expertise in immission control to our customers in Luxembourg. Our licence is not restricted only to wind turbines, but includes any commercial and industrial system subject to immission control,” says David Rode, Acoustics Group Manager. What’s more, with a team of interdisciplinary professionals, windtest grevenbroich can offer measurement-based status analysis services along with assistance in finding problem solving strategies for optimised operations and yield.

Mobile solutions for international projects

Similar to its services, the measuring and test equipment of windtest grevenbroich is optimised for international projects. From the measuring suitcase to the Fault-Ride-Through Container (FRT container), all tools meet international standards and as mobile devices are tailored to flexible use anywhere in the world. One of the company’s three FRT containers currently happens to be set up in India.

Visitors to the trade fair can learn more about the windtest grevenbroich test equipment and its potential for manufacturers to improve their products in a presentation given on Tuesday, 10 September at 2 p.m. in Forum 1 of the Messe Husum Congress Centre.

windtest grevenbroich gmbh

Since 1996, windtest grevenbroich gmbh has offered a wide range of services for the renewable energy sector, including measurements of power performance, loads, electrical characteristics and acoustic noise as well as site evaluations to establish site quality, wind, yield or shadow impact. The team of windtest grevenbroich supports and advises wind park developers, project planners, banks and insurance companies, is involved in national and international standardization committees and working groups, and plays a leading role in the MEASNET cooperation. windtest grevenbroich owns and operates several test fields, has completed more than 5,000 projects worldwide in the last 20 years, and in early 2014 established a subsidiary in the USA.

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Caption: Site Assessment in Bangladesh. The measuring system was installed on a school roof.
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Caption: FRT container on the job. The mobile technology can measure energy generators anywhere in the world.
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Grevenbroich, 09 August 2019

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