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Press Release

Herausgeber: DunoAir Windpark Planung GmbH

ENERCON and DUNOAIR renew cooperation

- New general agreement creates planning security

Aurich/Rees (renewablepress) - On Friday, 14.06.2019, ENERCON and DunoAir have signed a new general agreement. In the context of rapidly changing conditions, the signment shall put the common future on a new foundation.

The plan is to build wind turbines with an output of around 300 MW in Germany over the next five years. In addition, further projects abroad are to be developed and realized.

As a partner of ENERCON for many years, DunoAir ensure with the new agreement to be able obtaining new wind turbines. With the new agreement forces will be joined to master together even more the challenges of the energy transition.

More information about DunoAir at: www.dunoair.com

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Photo f.l.t.r: Thilo Wemmer-Geist (DunoAir), Egbert Terholsen (ENERCON), Stefan Lütkemeyer (ENERCON), Arjen C.F. Ploeg (DunoAir), Niels Ploeg (DunoAir), Robbert Bakker (DunoAir)
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Aurich/Rees, 25 June 2019

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