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Herausgeber: Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

IRIS to accelerate M&A transactions for renewable energy assets around the world

- Smart data analytics, predictive analytics and machine learning are key elements for the efficient and swift implementation of technical due diligence processes

- Potential analysis that quantifies possible output increase is a major KPI (magic number) for maximizing profit with long-term effect

- Time needed for the technical due diligence process for M&A transactions involving wind farms and the compilation of reports is now down to five days maximum - costs to decrease significantly

- IRIS, a web-based analytics machine, can be used worldwide thanks to its underlying computing power

Hamburg (renewablepress) - Today, Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH (Kaiserwetter) is launching its latest digital innovation: "IRIS – Analytics Machine." IRIS is the first technology spin-off of ARISTOTELES, a highly awarded IoT platform. The algorithms developed by Kaiserwetter are the basis for the detailed analysis of operational data of renewable energy facilities for a given point in time. The data intelligence reached with this approach provides quick insight into the status of assets. Smart data analytics and the subsequent implementation of machine learning allow for practice-oriented predictive analysis and are the key elements for a swift analysis of renewable energy facilities.

"Thanks to this unsurpassed level of data intelligence, we can significantly accelerate the technical due diligence process for wind farms and the respective machinery prior to M&A transactions. The results of these analyses are reports that Kaiserwetter provides to the client within five days," said Martin Kornemann, Chief Data Officer at Kaiserwetter, explaining the use case for M&A transactions. Mr. Kornemann added that "we developed IRIS to turn the analyzed data into useful information that will provide immediate added value to our clients."

This includes, above all, the potential analysis. The most important information it includes is an assessment of possible performance increase (potential gain). This number is one of the key analysis results and is regarded as a "magic number" for stakeholders along the entire investment cycle. It is the number that shows Kaiserwetter's clients the potential that exits from a technical perspective for improving the investment return.

IRIS with its detailed status and potential analysis currently focuses on wind energy facilities and entire wind parks. Potential clients for due diligence reports and the related potential analyses are investors, sellers, financing banks, rating agencies and M&A consultants. In addition to due diligence reports, Kaiserwetter also offers status reports and potential analyses, the latter being the smallest and most inexpensive analysis report option available from IRIS.

Status reports have been created for asset holders, financing banks and rating agencies of wind farms that are looking for comprehensive status information regarding performance and technical conditions for a wind park at any given point in time. If these reports are created on a regular basis, they can help clients get a neutral and data-based perspective on the wind farm in question. Especially when it comes to asset-based capital market products (bonds), periodic status reports can give investors certainty regarding long-term performance. In addition, status reports can help detect the causes for underperforming assets and identify weak spots.

The potential analysis is the basic version of IRIS-based data analysis, made available to clients as a separate report. The results of this report are useful for asset holders and financing banks that would like to find out quickly if the wind turbines or wind farms are reaching their maximum potential and if potential for performance increase exists. The potential analysis is mostly used to monitor performance and for the periodic control of hired asset managers and O&M service providers.

"IRIS is another case in point that shows how digital innovations can make existing processes easier and more efficient. This saves Kaiserwetter's clients valuable time and money. First and foremost, it shows that in Germany, we are in a position to drive digital transformation for renewable energy around the world. The web-based approach of IRIS knows no borders or limits," said Hanno Schoklitsch, the founder and CEO of Kaiserwetter.

For more information on this subject, please visit: www.iris-analytics.energy

About Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

Kaiserwetter the market´s first energy IntelliTech company uses data intelligence offering Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) to catalyze investments into renewable energy with the goal to accelerate a worldwide zero-emission power generation in order to achieve the international climate goals.

Kaiserwetter's digital product suite currently includes the multiple award-winning and cloud-based IoT platform ARISTOTELES, which uses Smart Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning to minimize investment risks, maximize returns, and create highest transparency. IRIS as Kaiserwetter's internet-based Analytics Machine provides a detailed status and potential analysis to give customers a very quick insight into the current state of their assets. ZULU, the third digital innovation, is the world's first online service configurator, enabling customers to modularly configure services related to the technical and commercial management of renewable energy creating transparency and minimizing operational expenditures.

Kaiserwetter offers its specialized digital services to all stakeholders as part of an investment process and throughout the entire investment cycle on a worldwide basis. Clients include investment funds, private equity investors, infrastructure funds, financing institutions, insurance companies, supranational organizations, rating agencies and energy companies. The company, which was founded in 2012, is headquartered in Hamburg and has offices in Madrid, New York and is currently set to expand into China and India.

Further information about Kaiserwetter can be found here: www.kaiserwetter.energy

Hamburg, 13 June 2019

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