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Press Release

Herausgeber: Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

Kaiserwetter launches ZULU, the world

Kaiserwetter’s service configurator is a digital innovation and world-wide novelty in the service industry
- ZULU allows users to create their service modules as needed, at a fixed cost
- ZULU provides immediate cost transparency and sets industry standards
- ZULU further reduces operating expenses (OPEX) for renewable energies
- The digital innovation ZULU is available in Germany and Spain – more countries to follow

Hamburg (renewablepress) - Today, Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH (Kaiserwetter) launched ZULU, the world’s first online service configurator. Investors, owners and operators of renewable energy assets can rely on ZULU to create a customized package of 13 modular services for the technical and commercial management of their energy parks online. Clients are free to choose the amount of service modules which can also be combined as needed. In addition to this modular set-up, another major innovation is that ZULU will display a fixed yearly price online for every service which will not depend on the facility’s yield. In addition, after selecting the modular services, all it takes is one click of the mouse for the client to automatically receive the agreement via e-mail for him or her to sign.

ZULU’s benefits for wind park owners are strikingly obvious: following the “you choose, we serve” principle, potential clients can adapt the desired services to fit their actual needs. This allows clients themselves to determine the required services and related costs for the yearly technical and commercial management.

Thomas Oetjen, head of the Kaiserwetter performance unit, elaborated on the benefits of ZULU: “ZULU has been designed mainly to provide transparency regarding the services offered. In addition, the yearly fixed price is displayed online, which makes for cost reliablity when choosing a service,” he explained. “More than anything, we are setting a new industry standard by using an online pricing approach,” Mr. Oetjen added.

By introducing ZULU, the Hamburg-based company is making the standard practice of yield-dependent management fees obsolete. This approach further reduces operational expenses (OPEX) for renewable energies. In addition, the terms of all contracts are considerably more flexible than usual. After all, Kaiserwetter services can be purchased for time periods ranging between one and three years. ZULU is currently available for wind parks in Germany and Spain. Other asset classes such as solar power plants, biomass power plants and hydroelectric power plants will gradually be integrated into ZULU. Other plans include the expansion to other markets and countries.

Hanno Schoklitsch, the founder and CEO of Kaiserwetter, said: “Following the successful introduction of our IoT platform ARISTOTELES, the launch of ZULU once again highlights the large potential inherent to digitalization for renewable energies and the service industry itself. We are working hard to bring additional digital innovations to the market. In just a few weeks’ time, we will once again surprise our industry. The countdown is on.”

For additional information, please visit www.zulu.energy

Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

Kaiserwetter is the internationally leading "Data as a Service" Enertech company. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Germany Kaiserwetter combines the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT) with Smart Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning to digitize and automate the management of renewable energy facilities to achieve maximum performance.

This is made possible by the highly awarded IoT platform "ARISTOTELES". Developed by Kaiserwetter, this innovative and cloud-based IoT platform relies on the capabilities inherent to digitalization and intelligent data analysis to aggregate and correlate all technical, meteorological and especially financial data, in an effort of reaching the following goals: (1) maximizing the return, (2) minimizing investment risks, (3) reaching maximum transparency.

Kaiserwetter offers its specialized digital services to investment funds, private equity investors, infrastructure funds, banking institutions as well as to utilities on a global level. The company has offices in Hamburg, Madrid, New York, and is currently set to expand into China and India.

For additional information about Kaiserwetter, please visit www.kaiserwetter.energy

Hamburg, 12 April 2019

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