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Press Release

Herausgeber: Quantec Signals GmbH

New universal aviation obstacle light for more application versatility

Goslar (renewablepress) - International standards for the identification of aircraft obstructions are becoming increasingly widespread. At the same time, the „exclusive variables“ remain - as required by specific countries or in order to fulfil particular performance features for individual areas of application.

A central challenge for developers and producers of aircraft obstruction light systems in this context is to maintain a manageable variety among types of obstruction light systems – not least in order to be able to offer at economical prices and to optimize the storage of such systems by the customer companies. For this reason, Quantec Signals GmbH, based in Goslar, Lower Saxony offers traditional systems, which by default have many signal profiles integrated, which can be variably activated via programmable and/or dip-switch functions. This can be done on-site too.

Even the name of Quantec Signals‘ most recent development, „Miri“, hints at a certain ease and lightness. Besides referring to the weight of the system, which is only four and a half kilogrammes, it is also a reference to the straightforward way in which it is used. The new universal aircraft obstruction light is as much conceptualised for offshore as it is for onshore use. With corrosion-resistant materials on all surfaces and the high UV and ozone resistance of its optical components and seals, it is extremely resilient against external influences. The company presents its new development at this year‘s „WindEnergy“ in Hamburg.

„Miri“ fulfils the standards of „ICAO Medium-Intensity, Type B and C“ as well as „FAA L864“ and integrates all control functions. The system is therefore ready for operation as soon as a power connection is provided. The delivery always takes place with the ordered profile, and in the case of deviating requirements, the user can activate the required profiles himself with little effort. Optional a radio frequency module allowing connection to mesh networks, integrated light sensor and the option of signalling via infra-red (NVG and NVIS compatibility) are just some examples of the standard features of this new LED light, which documents all events and function processes in its long-term memory.

The „Miri“ design is also the basis for a range of additional Quantec Signals light systems and is, in the truest sense of the word, a universal hazard beacon on land and at sea.

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„Miri“ – the new universal aircraft obstruction light: tough – intelligent, communicative and flexible in application
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Goslar, 20. September 2018

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