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Herausgeber: Bachmann electronic GmbH

Global Wind Summit Hamburg 2018, Stand A4-221 - Bachmann to focus on automation for the digital future of energy

- Wind Energy 5.0 – Bachmann shows the digital future of wind turbine automation.
- New: AIC214 condition monitoring module; CMS extension for imbalance detection and GMP232/x grid measuring module.

Feldkirch (renewablepress) - Bachmann Electronic, the leading manufacturer of automation solutions for wind turbines is dedicating its appearance at the trade fair to the digital revolution. With its Wind Energy 5.0 concept, the Austrian company is in tune with technological evolution. Nowadays wind turbines must be seen as part of a wind farm, and wind farms as part of a complex, interconnected energy system. In the energy system of the future, both CAPEX and OPEX costs will reduce, when the five components – turbine control, big data portal, smart grid, SCADA and condition monitoring system – can work together in harmony in a comprehensive automation solution. “With a good CMS alone, downtimes can be cut by 80 per cent. With Wind Energy 5.0 and the knowledge gained from the resulting data the costs can be reduced even more”, says Gabriel Schwanzer, head of Bachmann Electronic’s wind energy business unit.

Three new products
Bachmann Electronic will be using the on and offshore expo to introduce three new products to the international wind community: the new AIC214 condition monitoring module that has been developed on the basis of experience acquired over recent years; the Blade Unbalance Calculator, which is the first CMS plug-in that estimates rotor unbalance with no need to fit trial masses, and the new GMP232/x grid measurement module family, which have the latest component certificates of grid code conformity and can identify even the smallest frequency changes with an absolute accuracy of one millihertz.

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WindEnergy 5.0: In the digital energy system the operator saves costs when the five automation components work together in harmony
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Feldkirch, 13 September 2018

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