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Press Release

Herausgeber: ARGE O & M Projekt DolWin3

OIS offshore Industrie Service GmbH and Green Wind Offshore GmbH acquire service contract for DolWin3

Berlin (renewablepress) - OIS offshore Industrie Service GmbH and Green Wind Offshore GmbH have joined forces to form the ARGE O&M Project DolWin3, now, contracted to provide maintenance services for GE Grid GmbH´s power-grid access, called: DolWin3.

The DolWin3 is a 900 MW power-grid system -- direct current exclusively from the economic zone (AWZ) located south-west of the German North Sea. It will provide access for two of Clusters DolWin´s offshore wind parks, connecting them to Doerpen West´s, 400 kV land-based transformer station. DolWin gamma, the sea-side conversion station, is located some 50 km north of Borkum, at an approximate depth of 30 meters. It is the sub-platform of DolWin alpha and connected by a stationary bridge.

The contract encompasses a multi-month preparation phase, as well as a five-year maintenance phase. It also covers maintenance procedures for the conversion Station, DolWin gamma, currently under construction, and for the transformer station in Doerpen West. Accordingly, ARGE is solely responsible for maintenance planning, organization and implementation, based on ARGE´s exclusive concept, developed for this project.

This outstanding management concept, with its partners´s years of on and offshore maintenance experience, was paramount in ARGE being awarded this contract.

This concept´s principle elements include a 24/7 control room, from which all the sites processes and conditions can be monitored, including an overview of all the service-teams´s activities. This also makes possible an overview for supply, logistics and implementation, in Wiesmoor, near the sea-side conversion station and the shore-side transformer station. Accordingly, this concept provides optimal conditions to insure that personnel and technical requirements are covered to insure pristine maintenance.

Implementing this concept will also mean top-notch production and conditions can be achieved, initiating a new service quality in offshore wind energy, extremely optimized and with significant savings potential.

Download press photo:
- https://www.iwrpressedienst.de/bilddatenbank/ARGE_DolWin3/DolWin3.jpg
Caption (from left): Olaf Wunderlich, Director Business Development OIS
Dr. Michael Bünning, Service Director Germany GE Energy Connections
Manuel Lasse, Managing Director Green Wind Offshore
Photo: Green Wind Offshore/Pablo Castagnola

OIS Offshore Industrie Service GmbH:
OIS offshore Industrie Service GmbH is registered in Rostock and, in association with SEAR GmbH and Krebs Unternehmengruppe, have specialized in windpark, converter component and platforms inspection, service and repair. There employ approximately 75 specialized and certified offshore-service technicians from electro-engineering, corrosion protection, steel, assistance and support systems, navigation and wireless-communication technologies. The company also employs industrial climbers and has their own transport, logistics and supply chains.

Green Wind Offshore GmbH:
Green Wind Offshore GmbH is registered in Berlin as part of the Green Wind Gruppe and has many years experience in project development and in economic and technical business administration. Green Wind manages wind parks throughout Germany with approximately 400MW output. Green Wind Offshore has specialized in technical offshore energy production system management. This includes wind energy systems, transformers, platforms, cable-to-land and to-water systems, as well as, control systems. Certification: ISO 9001:2015

Berlin, 10 February 2017

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ARGE O & M Projekt DolWind3
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