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Herausgeber: Industrial Solar GmbH .

INDUSTRIAL SOLAR signed exclusive distribution agreement with the Kollektorfabrik and expands its product range with the innovative Sun-Storm air collector

Freiburg / Germany - Industrial Solar GmbH takes over all sales and marketing activities of the Sun-Storm air collector by the Kollektorfabrik. The Kollektorfabrik can thus focus on the development and manufacture of the panels.

Industrial Solar has many years of experience and an extensive network in the field of solar process heat. The Sun-Storm air collector fits for many industrial applications and complements the product portfolio of Industrial Solar ideal. Thus, the partners and customers of Industrial Solar gain access to a further innovative technology especially for drying processes and air applications in various industries.

The Kollektorfabrik was established in the environment of the Fraunhofer ISE and provides innovative solar air-collectors with related components for turn-key systems. In recent years, the Sun-Storm collector has been used for different applications in numerous projects.

The Sun Storm Collector is a highly efficient vacuum tube collector. Due to the vacuum tubes and high-quality thermal insulation in housing, the heat losses are minimal. This enables the collector to generate extremely high air temperatures. The Sun-Storm collector system has already proven itself for many process heating applications. Because of his arrest safety and performance it is excellently suited for industrial applications. The Sun Storm is characterized on the standard EN 12975-1.2: 2006.

Industrial Solar GmbH is a provider of customized solutions for solar process heat, cooling and power. The systems are based on various solar technologies and renewable energies, are optimally designed for each application and serve the industrial power range. Industrial Solar has extensive expertise and experience in international projects and is the world market leader in Fresnel collectors for industrial applications.

Freiburg / Germany, November 3rd 2015

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