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Press Release

Herausgeber: ROMO Wind Deutschland GmbH

ROMO Wind strengthens international team in Italy and the UK

Zug, Switzerland - The Danish-Swiss wind turbine optimiser ROMO Wind is continuing to grow and is strengthening its international team in Italy, Great Britain and Ireland.

The new key positions of sales manager for Italy and Great Britain/Ireland have been created. Luca Alemanno, who will be distributing the iSpin spinner anemometer technology from Rome in Italy, has worked in positions of responsibility in the wind industry since 2008. The new sales manager for Great Britain and Ireland, Nigel Parlor, will be responsible for coordinating the regional activities from Nottingham in England. He brings with him five years’ experience in O&M and monitoring wind turbines.

Jan Nikolaisen, Co-CEO of ROMO Wind: “We are delighted to have gained two very experienced specialists in Nigel Parlor for the UK and Ireland and Luca Alemanno for Italy. More and more wind farm operators are getting enthusiastic about the accurate wind measurement data provided by our iSpin, so we are now preparing for further international development with a new offer and an increased local presence.”

The new offer is intended to allow as many operators as possible to benefit from accurate wind measurement data. For that reason, ROMO Wind is offering iSpin for a fixed monthly fee. What is particularly interesting is that some of the cost, or even more, can be paid for through the additional yield generated from the rectified yaw alignment that was identified and corrected by iSpin.

ROMO Wind is now represented with regional teams in Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Ireland.

ROMO Wind is the exclusive provider of the patented iSpin system, which uses proven ultrasonic technology for precise wind measurement in wind turbines. The sensors are mounted on the spinner in front of the rotor. The system was developed by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and has been comprehensively tested since 2004. The product came onto the market in 2013 and is listed in the international IEC 61400-12-2 norm as the standard for power curve measurement.

About ROMO Wind:
ROMO Wind AG is a Danish-Swiss technology company supported by recognised investors and shareholders such as Yellow & Blue and ABB. ROMO Wind specialises in optimising the productivity of wind turbines and reducing loads. The company uses patented iSpin technology to this end.
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Zug, Switzerland, 20 May 2015

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