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Desert Power Promotes Global Energy Transition - In the United Arab Emirates, the world

Munich - The 100-Megawatt power station Shams-1 will provide electricity to thousands of households and lead to an annual CO2 savings of 175,000 tons. \"Projects like Shams-1 move us forward along the path to emissions-free power production and represent a big step toward the realization of the Desertec vision. With desert power, the Middle East and North Africa will play an important role in this process, and Europe should recognize the contribution that its neighbors in this region are making. It’s time to connect the European, North African and Middle Eastern electricity markets in order to improve our energy mix. This is the only way to ensure the availability of renewable energy under the best conditions. Europe profits from this as well\", says Dii CEO Paul Van Son.

He adds: \"I am pleased that three partners of the desert power initiative Dii —Abengoa, Flabeg, and Schott—played a decisive role in the realization of Shams-1.\" Abengoa Solar has a 20 percent share in the planning and realization of Shams-1. Flabeg provided the roughly 260,000 parabolic mirrors, while Schott Solar supplied the corresponding collectors, which number close to 770.

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About Dii

With partner companies from 17 countries, Dii is looking to turn power from the deserts into reality. The activities of the industry initiative, which was founded in 2009, are focussed on creating an industrial-scale market by 2050 for renewable energies from the desert regions of North Africa and the Middle East. These activities include the development of integrated energy markets and the identification of suitable technologies for generating and transmitting energy.

Munich, 18 March 2013

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