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Herausgeber: AREVA Wind GmbH

Offshore Wind: Iberdrola selects AREVA turbine for a large-scale project in Germany

Paris - World-leading renewables operator, Iberdrola, has once again selected AREVA’s offshore wind technology for the Wikinger project, to be developed 35 kilometers off the German Baltic Sea coast.

Under the terms of the agreement, AREVA will supply its M5000 5 MW tur-bine for the Wikinger wind farm that will produce up to 400 MW of electricity and that is to be constructed over 2016 and 2017.

This success follows a highly competitive tendering process with several different offshore technologies proposed. Both companies will now enter into further negotiations to finalize the commercial and technical aspects of the supply contract.

Last year, Iberdrola, in partnership with Eole-RES, selected AREVA\'s tech-nology for the 500 MW project in the area of Saint-Brieuc, off the coast of Brittany, as part of the first French offshore wind tender.

This new selection of AREVA’s turbine by renewables market leader Iberdro-la, demonstrates its recognition of the experience AREVA has acquired over the past years in the field of offshore wind. By 2014, the group will have more than 120 wind turbines installed in the North Sea, thereby reinforcing its leading position in the high-power turbines market.

Luc Oursel, CEO of AREVA, said: \"We are honored by Iberdrola’s renewed confidence in AREVA’s offshore wind technology which further comforts the group’s strong ambitions in Europe. This new success further demonstrates the credibility of our long term strategy of growth and our long term commit-ment towards renewable energies.\"

AREVA supplies solutions for power generation with less carbon. Its expertise and unwavering insistence on safety, security, transparency and ethics are setting the standard, and its responsible development is anchored in a process of continuous improvement.
Ranked first in the global nuclear power industry, AREVA’s unique integrated offering to utilities covers every stage of the fuel cycle, nuclear reactor design and construction, and related services. The group is also expanding its operations to renewable energies – wind, solar, bioenergies, hydrogen and storage – to be one of the leaders in this sector worldwide.
With these two major offers, AREVA’s 48,000 employees are helping to supply ever safer, cleaner and more economical energy to the greatest number of people.

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Paris, December 19, 2012

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