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Herausgeber: windcomm schleswig-holstein - Netzwerkagentur Windenergie

Partnership with South Korea to be strengthened

- Trade and Industry Minister Meyer to serve as patron of the OBMC

Husum - Schleswig-Holstein’s economics (trade and industry) minister Reinhard Meyer sees good opportunities for cooperation with South Korean enterprises in the wind sector, and wishes to promote business exchange with the country. During his visit to the HUSUM WindEnergy trade fair he issued an invitation to South Korean exhibitors. \"As far as offshore wind power is concerned, countries that already have experience in realising the first offshore wind farms or whose strengths are in ship and plant construction can learn from one another\", stated Meyer. Together with Martin Schmidt, project manager at the network agency windcomm, at the Schleswig-Holstein stand he met Mr Harper Lee from South Korean exhibition company Green Energy EXCO, which organises an annual renewable energy trade fair in Daegu. It was there that Martin Schmidt established the first contacts to Korean enterprises in the spring of this year.

Approval has been granted for seven wind farms with a total of 530 turbines on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein. Two projects are currently under construction. South Korea also wishes to push ahead with offshore wind power development. Current plans foresee the erection of wind turbines with a total capacity of 2.5 gigawatts off the coast of Korea by 2020.

\"South Korea has already proven to be a reliable partner in several German offshore projects\", said Meyer. Schmidt added that \"there are large Korean firms who wish to enter the wind market. Our regional wind power companies have good chances to cooperate with them as suppliers and service providers.\"

Open dialogue will be the focus of the Offshore Business Meetings & Conference (OBMC) on 5 and 6 November 2012, at which a delegation of South Korean enterprises is expected. Economics minister Meyer has agreed to act as patron of the event. At the start of the two-day conference, Meyer will talk about chances and risks in the German offshore sector. The OBMC is being held for the fourth time and is now one of Germany’s biggest offshore events. All information about OBMC 2012 can be found at www.windcomm.de.

Husum, 2 October 2012

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