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Herausgeber: juwi Holding AG

Intersolar 2012: Energy Turnaround - juwi Campaigns for New Incentives

- Solar energy has to be expanded nationwide, not only in southern Germany
- Project developer promotes internationalization and presents new large-scale projects at Intersolar 2012

Munich/Wörrstadt - \"Solar energy is much more economically priced than is commonly argued. During the spring and summer months it already makes up large parts of the peak load. If we really want to achieve the energy turnaround, a fast and nationwide expansion of photovoltaics (PV) is the prerequisite,\" emphasizes Herbert Muders, managing director of juwi Solar GmbH in Germany. That is why juwi Solar adheres to the German solar market even in difficult times. By mid-2012, several large-scale projects will be realized in northern Germany. At the same time, juwi focuses on new concepts and a further internationalization of its business. At Intersolar 2012, the project developer is present in hall B5, booth 220.

German solar power plants reached a new level of performance in May. As early as 9 a.m., they produced 10,000 megawatts of solar power. With this output, they made up for about 20 expensive and climate-damaging coal-fired power stations. At midday, the output was even more than 20,000 megawatts; avoiding carbon dioxide emissions of 40 largescale coal-fired power stations. Herbert Muders explains: \"German solar energy thus replaces conventional power stations. These only partly have to come up for two thirds of the peak load.\" Since weather forecasts have become very reliable, solar power plants can be very well integrated into the changing energy industry.

In spite of the difficult political situation caused by decisions made in Berlin and Brussels, juwi Solar GmbH continues building on the German market and in 2012 is going to connect to the grid some projects that make solar energy even cheaper: large-scale freefield plants, two of which are currently established in Ronneburg near Gera and in Elmenhorst east of Hamburg. In Ronneburg, once uranium was mined; now, juwi realizes the largest solar park of Thuringia in the city. The plant will produce about 19 million kilowatt hours of clean energy and thus help to avoid 13,600 tons of climate-damaging carbon dioxide. Similarly, in Elmenhorst a new use has been found for an abandoned territory: On a former barracks area, the second largest solar park of Schleswig-Holstein is built. With a performance of 23 megawatts, Elmenhorst solar park will provide enough energy for 7,700 households. Muders says: \"Here, soldiers were once trained to ensure freedom and peace. Nowadays, the PV plants are constructed for the same reason since many wars and global conflicts are waged because of resources. In this respect, renewable energy creates independence.\" In Mid-May, juwi inaugurated Georgsdorf solar park near Osnabrück (performance 25 megawatts), the largest PV free-field plant in Lower Saxony. Juwi Management GmbH will take over service and operational management for this large solar plant. \"juwi Management also offers their services and expertise to all operators of solar and wind energy plants,\" adds Thomas Albrecht, managing director at juwi Management GmbH.

Herbert Muders emphasizes: \"For us at juwi, free-field plants are an important component for an affordable energy turnaround. Especially free-field plants have largely contributed to the fact that the prices for solar energy could be reduced in the past years. This is due to the fact that they, for example, beat down the price for components. While free-field plants were still refunded with 57.4 Cents per kilowatt hour in 2004, today, it’s only 13.5 Cents today. In only a few years, the solar sector has taken a huge leap forward.\"

juwi Solar GmbH not only focuses on solar parks, but also on rooftop plants. In Bad Hersfeld in Hesse, the company has connected one of Germany’s largest rooftop plants to the grid. With a performance of 3.1 megawatt, the solar plant covers about 85,000 square meters, which equals the size of twelve football fields. 775 three-person households can thus be supplied with energy.

\"In the meantime, power from rooftop plants is compensated with 16 Cents. The domestic electricity price however is 24 Cent per kilowatt hour,\" says Herbert Muders. \"This clearly has implications for the market. Operators of rooftop plants have to move interests from making to saving money. Thus, rooftop plants become increasingly attractive for industry and private clients, since they can now use their solar energy themselves, with the help of storage technologies. juwi offers a new storage battery that is loaded with solar power during daytime. Once the PV plant can no longer supply the house with electricity, the storage system takes over. Thus, economically priced solar energy can also be consumed during nighttime.\"

Abroad, industry becomes more and more interested in photovoltaics. Near the Chilean city Vicuña, juwi and the Chilean company Kaltemp realize the country’s largest solar power plant. Located about 500 kilometers north of Chile’s capital Santiago, the plant has a power output of 1,200 kilowatt and supplies clean energy for the irrigation system of a clementine and avocado plantation. Lars Falck, joint managing director at juwi Solar GmbH, says: \"Since Intersolar 2011, we have pushed forward our internationalization with new subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Singapore. With 14 subsidiaries abroad and activities on various markets, we are well-prepared for the future.\" Abroad, juwi also realizes off-grid systems, especially in regions far off the grid. Focus is on Africa and Latin America.

The juwi group
juwi Solar GmbH is a subsidiary of the juwi group. juwi is one of the world’s leading specialists for renewable energies with a strong regional presence. At Intersolar, juwi presents its entire range of products and services, including the full-service for rooftop and free-fields plants. ”Acquisition, planning, financing, construction or operation and maintenance, we take care of every step in project development,“ says juwi Solar managing director Lars Falck. Get to know juwi at Intersolar, booth 220 in hall B5.
juwi was founded in 1996 by Matthias Willenbacher and Fred Jung in Rhineland-Palatinate. Today, the company employs more than 1,750 people in 15 countries and had an annual turnover of around a billion Euro in 2011.
Besides solar, wind and bio energy, company activities include hydropower and geothermal energy as well as Green Buildings and E-mobility. juwi Research & Development works on solutions and components to make power from renewable resources even more efficient.
Up to date, juwi has constructed around 540 wind turbines with an output of around 950 megawatts; in the solar sector more than 1,500 solar power plants with a total output of around 1,000 megawatts. These plants generate approx. 3.5 billion kilowatt hours of green energy per year; this corresponds to the annual power consumption of approx. a million households. For the realization of these projects juwi has initiated an investment of more than four billion Euro.
juwi is one of Germany’s best and most sought-after employers. In 2012, the company was among the Top 20 (in the category 501 to 2,000 employees) in the renowned competition organized by the \"Great Place to Work Institute\". The juwi group has offices in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, India, Singapore, South Africa, Chile, the USA and Costa Rica. In Germany, juwi has subsidiaries and regional offices in twelve German states.

Munich/Wörrstadt, June 13 2012

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