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Press Release

Herausgeber: Sterr-Kölln & Partner mbB

Sterr-Kölln & Partner closes contract regarding new services for European companies, communes and public institutions

Freiburg - Around mid-October, the partners 4Europe (Luxembourg), Muller & Associés (Luxembourg) and Sterr-Kölln & Partners (Freiburg, Berlin, Paris) signed a future cooperation contract in the Sterr-Kölln & Partners offices in Paris in the field of fundraising for the development of innovative ideas for companies and communes.

Thanks to this cooperation, the 3 companies now propose a strengthened multinational and multidisciplinary collaboration. All partners have over 10 years experience in consultation services for communes and companies in Europe.

This service offer is particularly aimed at German, French, Belgian and Luxembourgish communes due to the location of the partners’ offices. Nevertheless, the partners’ competence network knows no borders and is oriented to the whole European Union. Our particular areas of interest are: renewable energy, energy efficiency, e-mobility, climate protection and sustainable development.

The creation of this cooperation has its origins in a growing demand from communes and companies alike for advisory services in consulting, fundraising, as well as project set-up and management. Indeed, for several years financial incentives, such as subsidies programs for innovative projects regarding the contemporary issues of energy, mobility or the environment, have been constantly increasing at regional, national and European levels.

Freiburg, 16 November 2011

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For further questions please contact:

Sterr-Kölln & Partner
Rechtsanwälte, Wirtschaftsprüfer, Steuerberater
Frank Lempert
Emmy-Noether-Str. 2
79110 Freiburg
Fon +49 761 49 05 40
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E-Mail: foerderberatung@sterr-koelln.com
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Thorsten Kläs
Fon +352 26 78 34 31
E-Mail: tklaes@foureurope.eu
Eric Dufays
Fon +32 61 41 69 71
E-Mail: edufays@foureurope.eu

Muller & Associés
Frédéric Muller
Fon +352 40 48 21 51
E-Mail: frederic.muller@mace.lu


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