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Herausgeber: proWIND Alternatif Enerji San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Department of Energy declared the center of substation and areas for solar energy stations (SES)

Kahramanmaras, Turkey - Ministry of energy and natural resources declared the informations expected by the investors of SES solicitously. Department of Energy announced that the capacities of the connection of transformer stations the generation facilities based solar energy can connect up to December 31, 2013 by an advert publiced on the official gazette.

Numbered 6094 law which come into force published on the date of 8th of January \' the Law about amendment and using renewable energy resources electric energy production ‘satisfied the judgment with limiting the capacity of definite transformer stations until 2014 a total of 600 megawatts of solar energy to not repeat the problems about the licence application of SES and wind energy in Turkey.

27 zones are determined for SES by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Recourses. It is declared that the Map of Turkey’s Potential Solar Energy and accordingly, the production of annual electricity potential is 380 billion kWh.

It will be given 13,3 US-cent incentive per kilowatt for generated electricity produced from the solar energy.İn addition to additional incentives are given 0,6 and 6,7 US cent/kWh per kW/h of electricity -domestic production- in photovoltaic solar energy.Thus, the amount of incentive systems reaches 0.20 US-cent/kWh per kWh for photovoltaic solar power. For concentrated solar , additional incentives are given 0,6 and 9,2 cent/kWh per kW/h to generated electricity produced domestic production .Thus, the amount of incentive systems reaches 0.225 US-cent/kWh per kWh for concentrated solar power. It is said that 10-year purchase guarantee is given with the Renewable Energy Law for these investments.

Turkey arranges to produce up to 30 percent of the needs electricity from renewable energy sources by 2023. For this purpose,it is planned to expand particularly wind and solar power facility.

PROWIND alternative energy industry commerce limited company shows activities on the area of renewable energy sources in Turkey. Turkey arranges new investments and projects about,and geothermal energy with partners.

proWIND Alternative Energy company profile:
proWIND, belongs to ISKUR, has been operating in the East of Turkey in the field of the wind,sun and geothermal. ISKUR is one of the biggest 500 industrial companies in Turkey. It is shareholder of AKEDAŞ ,distrubition company in the regions of Maraş and Adıyaman.
proWIND Alternative Energy Company services consultancy willing to invest in energy projects, renewable energy sources, national and international foreign companies.
proWIND Alternative Energy Renewable Energy Company is an independent consultant and investment company specializing in particular wind energy sector.
proWIND Alternative Energy Company has the competence required to provide you feedback, on consulting, project development, legal issues and market research on your areas of expertise.

Kahramanmaras, 14 December 2011

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