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Herausgeber: WELtec BioPower GmbH

WELtec BioPower is currently erecting the world's largest biogas plant with direct infeed in the natural gas network

Vechta/Könnern - Last week, the German biogas plant manufacturer WELtec BioPower® GmbH in Vechta received the building permit for the currently largest biogas plant in the world with direct infeed of prepared biogas into the natural gas network. The operator of the Biogas Park, which will be erected between Halle and Magdeburg in the city of Könnern with 8000 inhabitants, will be the subsidiary Agridea BioPower. In conjunction with about 30 farmers, about 30 million m³ raw biogas will be generated a year, which will be processed to produce about 15 million m³ biomethane. Barely over 120,000 tons of substrate will be fermented for this purpose in a year.

"The most ambitious project in the company history to this day begins with the building permit," emphasizes Jens Albartus, Managing Director of WELtec BioPower® GmbH. "With the concept of gas processing to biomethane, WELtec BioPower® is taking an innovative path, which not only responds to energy policy goals, but also does justice to the current requirements of the Kyoto Protocol and helps to reduce CO2 emissions!" As a rule, biogas is immediately employed for a co-generation power plant for heating and power generation. The resulting heat, however, can only then be effectively employed if a consumer is available in spatial proximity for this purpose. Such a consumer can be, for instance, public swimming pools, schools or greenhouses. The heat purchase is then a decisive factor for the cost effectiveness of a biogas plant. But if the biogas is prepared to biomethane as in the future Biogas Park Könnern, then such deliberations are secondary. The biomethane is directly fed into the natural gas network and can be conducted to the respective location of consumption. As a rule, significantly more efficient utilisation concepts are possible here. Furthermore, in contrast to wind and solar energy, a completely integrated and uniform energy supply to the final user is possible. The biomethane generation is produced CO2-neutral in this concept, which helps actively preserve the environment and makes an important contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

After the surprisingly short construction time of about 9 months for a project of this size, the facility should start operation in the first quarter of 2009, which puts enormous demands on planning competence. "Because of our past experience in erecting some 200 biogas plants all over the world, however, we are perfectly up to this task," says Jens Albartus, "since we are the only actual producer of biogas plants, we build and construct the stainless steel equipment ourselves and are capable of installing biogas plants rapidly and effectively anywhere in the world at any time!" WELtec BioPower® is one of the leading German suppliers of complete biogas equipment and was founded in 2001– the parent companies, Stallkamp and Weda, however, look back on a decade-long company history. This combination of many years experience with state of the art thinking permits to offer complete biogas plants from one supplier. WELtec BioPower® equipment is designed by own experienced engineers, and all significant components are produced by the parent corporation. The advantage: world-wide consistently high quality and individual solutions for every demand. Traditional equipment for energy crops as well as equipment for the problem-free processing of foodstuffs or butchering waste can be realised as well. With the building of the Biogas Park in Könnern, WELtec BioPower® GmbH takes another big stride into a successful future.

Vechta/Könnern, June 09, 2008

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About WELtec BioPower GmbH

Since its foundation in 2001, the WELTEC group from Vechta in Lower Saxony has developed into one of the world's leading specialists in the construction and operation of biogas and biomethane plants. With the design, planning and construction of energy plants as well as over 15 years of experience in permanent and temporary plant operation in Germany, 24/7 service and sustainable utilization concepts for output streams, the group covers the entire biogas value chain.

One of WELTEC BIOPOWER's strengths is the construction of individual, technically sophisticated solutions with precisely coordinated processes for each project. The use of stainless steel technologies also ensures flexible substrate use, fast installation with low costs and a consistently high quality standard regardless of location. After commissioning, WELTEC's mechanical and biological service significantly ensures economic efficiency.

The company has just as much experience in the field of biogas production and utilization. The plants there produce around 280 million standard cubic meters of raw biogas annually at eleven locations. Part of this is processed into biomethane and made available to energy suppliers and filling station operators throughout Germany via the public gas grid. In addition, at a total of 16 locations, municipalities and companies, for example from the gardening, housing and healthcare sectors, are supplied with decentralized heat as part of WELTEC's energy contracting.

Maintaining proximity to customers and investors is an important objective for the biogas specialist, which is why the Group is represented worldwide with its sales and service network. Its customers include companies from the waste and food industries, agriculture and the wastewater sector. To date, the WELTEC Group and its 170 employees have realized over 400 energy plants in 26 countries on 5 continents.

Further information: www.weltec-biopower.com

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