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Press Release

Herausgeber: Nordex AG

Nordex awarded another major contract in Scotland - Contract for 40 MW wind farm worth approximately EUR 50 million

Hamburg, October 25, 2006. Nordex AG has received another major contract in Scotland. It will construct the “Millennium” wind farm on a turn-key basis for approximately EUR 50 million. The wind farm will comprise a total of 16 Nordex N90/2500 HS turbines. The HS (high-speed) version of the turbines is ideal for a location such as “Millennium” with its high wind speeds. The wind farm is to be constructed on a plateau south-west of Inverness. Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2007, with the turbines going live in the autumn.

The customer for the “Millennium” wind farm is Falck Renewables, for which Nordex is currently completing 15 N80/2500 wind turbines near Glasgow. All told, Nordex has received contracts worth EUR 160 million from the United Kingdom in the year to date. “As a result, the British Isles remain one of our key markets and reflects the success of our strong wind technology as well as the Nordex team in Manchester,” explains Carsten Pedersen, COO Sales and Marketing.

About Nordex:

Nordex AG is one of the most experienced producers of large wind turbines. Today, over 300 N80 and N90 turbines are in operation around the world. This year, the Company projects growth of around 60% in its business operations, with sales expected to rise to over EUR 500 million.

Falck Renewables Ltd., the London-based subsidiary of the Italian Falck Group, is currently building a portfolio of wind farms in Europe in conjunction with partners. In Scotland alone, projects involving 300 MW are being planned.

For more information, please contact:
Nordex AG
Felix Losada
Telephone: +49 40 500 - 100, Telefax: – 333
E-mail: flosada@nordex-online.com>flosada@nordex-online.com
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