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Press Release

Herausgeber: Ecofys GmbH

First European biomass trading floor online

Köln, 12. July 2005, Today, the first European Biomass Trading Floor is launched. The European internet based trading floor for biomass used for energy is available at the website http://www.bioXchange.com and covers a complete range of biomass streams.

Biomass Trading Floor

With the launch of this website, biomass trading across the world is just one click away. Buyers and suppliers can find each other on the interactive trading floor and get up to date market information on offered volumes and prices. In just a few steps offers and requests can be placed and contact is established between the parties.

The European Union has set ambitious targets regarding the implementation of biomass energy. Achieving these targets means that the biomass energy potential for the European Union has to be realised to a much greater extent, and within a limited timeframe. BioXchange is an initiative to help achieve this from Ecofys. The other project partners are De Reststoffenbeurs, 3E and ESD. BioXchange is supported by the ALTENER-Programme of the European Commission and SenterNovem. The aim of BioXchange is to make the market for biomass more transparent so that all available biomass resources are utilized, that transport distances are shortened and that biomass power plants are optimised.

“On BioXchange participants can find new trading partners and compare prices. In this way they can optimise their biomass sales or purchase,” says Thomas Boermans, Ecofys GmbH, responsible for the German portal of http://www.bioXchange.com.

The European market for biomass, with a current turnover of 8 billion Euro per year, is expected to grow rapidly in view of the political targets and the rising price of fossil fuels. BioXchange encourages this development and aims at a more transparent market of biomass, with easy facilities to participate and become a party at the market, and ensuring that the biomass resources available are better used.

Free registration

A summary of all offers that have been put at the trading floor (with information on amount, type of biomass and origin) is available for all website visitors. To participate actively, you have to be registered. Until 31 October 2005, registration is free of charge.

Note for the editorial staff:


Ecofys (http://www.ecofys.com) is a leading company in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. More than 200 employees in seven countries deliver integrated sustainable energy solutions. Ecofys is part of the Econcern group (http://www.e-concern.com), with the mission "a sustainable energy supply for everyone".

For more information please contact:

Herr Thomas Boermans, ECOFYS GmbH
Eupener Strasse 59
50933 Köln - Germany
Tel: + 49 221-510907-21
Fax: + 49 221-510907-49
e-mail: t.boermans@ecofys.de
Internet: http://www.ecofys.de

Jacomina Eijkelboom
Marketing Communications Manager
T: + 31 (0)30 – 280 83 75
E: j.eijkelboom@ecofys.nl


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